Hello world. How you been?

I never thought I would get up the nerve to start a blog. I prayed a lot about it, talked to a few friends and finally decided that I wanted to write a blog. The hardest decision was figuring out what I wanted the blog to be about. Again, more praying… 

I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing, but one day last week or the week before God spoke to me and said, “Why not start a blog about what you know best? Spina bifida and how it’s impacted your life?” I remember I had this great feeling come over me and I said right then and there, “That’s IT!!!”

Now I know most of you are probably wondering what is spina bifida. Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on what it is, why I scoot around in a really awesome red and black wheelchair, and how spina bifida has made me the man I am today.

So buckle up race fans, it’s going to be a great ride down my spina bifida journey!!!!


3 thoughts on “Hello world. How you been?

  1. Hi Jason,
    I’m pleased you started your blog. That takes a lot of courage and I hope that you will give others a greater insight into how you have dealt with it and peoples reactions to you. Fond regards

  2. Congratulations Jason, in finding the courage to begin your new blog, and to introduce yourself to us all ! I can only encourage you to remain committed to all that you feel you must do and all that you feel you must share. I hope I can inspire you to remain on this new journey, and to make it a success! Big Hugs & Love! ☺
    ~ Eleesha ~

  3. I absolutely luv ur blog. I work with people in many different situations and the best feeling in the world cannot be bought. That wonderful feeling is when u helped someone or put a smile where a frown was. Jason keep up the good work, u will inspire many and that is really what life is all about! I have a feeling ur journey has just begun and it is going to be real good.


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