Poll: Do you know any businesses that aren’t ADA compliant?

This weekend, I will create a list of the businesses and restaurants I visit on a regular basis that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. I will also list businesses that are not ADA compliant and steps they can implement to ensure their stores and services are available to everyone, regardless of disability.

I want to get your feedback on this subject. What businesses and restaurants do you visit often that are accessible to people with disabilities? What businesses are not ADA compliant? By this I mean are their aisles too narrow for a wheelchair to roll down? Are their restroom stalls too small to be able to do your business privately? Do they have a huge step at the door that you have to get help to get over? Are things you need too high on a shelf and you have to ask for help to reach them?

Obviously, most of you reading this may not be handicapped and can easily get in and out of stores and restaurants with no problems. Do you know anyone with a disability who has experienced these barriers to live a successful, happy everyday life? I want to hear about their stories and together I hope we can ensure that all businesses are ADA compliant, so everyone can get out there and have fun and have the time of their life, and not have to worry about whether they can even get in the front door…


One thought on “Poll: Do you know any businesses that aren’t ADA compliant?

  1. The narrow isles in some stores are difficult sometimes for people that I know with disabilities. The clothing isles being the worst, most restaurants here are compliant to the accessibility for people with disabilities. But shelves do tend to be high sometimes even for your average short person. Wishing you great success on this issue my friend. I look forward to reading more.

    :0)s and Hugs!

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