Early Valentine’s Day Poem

            For  God so loVed the  world,
                     That He gAve
                            His onLy
                                           That whosoever
                              Believeth In Him
                                  Should Not perish,
                                 But have Everlasting life.”
                                                          John 3:16

2 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s Day Poem

  1. Hi Jessica. Glad you like this one, but I actually can’t take the credit for this one. I received this poem in an email from my best friend last Valentine’s Day, but thought it was worthy of posting to the blog. I thought it was really cool how the Bible verse spells out Valentine, and what a Blessing it is knowing that the TRUE Valentine is the One Who loved His children so much to die on the cross for us. Every night I praise Him for giving His life for my sins and pray that I can honor Him with my words and actions every day. P.S. This is one of my favorite verses too, along with Philippians 4:13.

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