Now where did I put my suggestion box?

How many of you have ever done this? You get ready to do something and go in a room to do that something, then when you get there you forgot what you came in there for? Or you get ready to go somewhere and can’t remember where you put your car keys? You can remember who won season five of American Idol, but can’t think of where your keys are to save your life!!

That’s kind of the problem I’m having tonight. I’ve got so many ideas running through my head to blog about and have even written them down on paper, but can’t decide what do write about first. I hate having writer’s block, and I feel like most Georgians when an inch of snow hits the state, like a couple weeks ago…

Kind of like they might have done before they had TVs and radios, and a tornado, bad thunderstorm or blizzard came through their neighborhood. I can just see Fred and Wilma Flintstone now, running around Bedrock in their loin cloths, screaming “What’ll we do? What’ll we do? What’ll we do?!?!?!?”

Maybe a good night’s sleep is just what I need to get the creative juices flowing again. See you in the morning, and if you can find my suggestion box, you get to pick the topic I write about next!!


3 thoughts on “Now where did I put my suggestion box?

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  2. Welcome to *OLD AGE* Jason (or whateveryournameis)
    I will be *so ready* for Alzheimer’s if it comes around (not to mock those afflicted)
    You may have seen that joke passaround: “I go to check mail, see something else, move car, phone someone, do this, do that.. never got any mail?”
    Been there, done that.. daily..
    Of course, you do seem to spend a lot of late nights at the computer. Besides the obvious mental fatigue that causes (lemme tell ya about it), it also causes that *info overload* that I always speak about: I can’t follow everyone on Twitter (I feel bad about it) because the screen just scrolls off, and I miss what is important to me.

    Amoung other things, worries, daily interruptions, etc.. Life has a way of distracting us, sometimes for the better, from less important things, sometimes it is just a nuisance.
    Yesterday, I planned to continue my *home renovations*, but found the Internet chatter overwhelming and never even got dressed until suppertime! But on other days, I start very early (I sneak on the Net before you go to bed), checking email, news, current events, sifting through Facebook and Twitter messages, and just when I decide ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – let’s get productive: an unscheduled phone call, like my son’s truck broke down, and he needs a lift somewhere; that dirty *white* stuff falls from the sky and I begin my exercise regime by doing 140 laps of the driveway; I need supplies, groceries, or a trip to the Post Office. That means I am now behind, and suddenly all these things *gang up* on me, and cause me to get stressed. INFO OVERLOAD as I like to think of it. Too much, too soon, to deal with.
    I used to be great at *multi-tasking* even before that word was invented. Now I am frustrated by it. Of course, at my advanced age of 25 (I’m lying), I should expect such things. You should too. It’s part of life.
    BTW: If you see my car keys anywhere while you are checking the mail, lemme know!

    • I can definitely relate to info overload… with my job that’s easy. Not that I have too much to do, just keeping everything straight is what bothers me… Thankfully I don’t have too much to worry about, like you shoveling snow, going to get my parents when their vehicles break down, or an unexpected call. But just the daily grind of getting up, getting dressed, going to work, making sure I give everything my best that day to promote our company in the best light possible, coming home, checking the blog, updating the blog, not forgetting to eat, visiting with my family, going to sleep can get my brain working OT…. Thankfully I feel like I can slow down this weekend and just focus on my blog and spending time with my family… I have actually been able to breathe today…

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