Tall glass of grandma’s lemonade
Father and son, fishin’ in the shade
Flowers slowly coming into bloom
Longer days will be coming soon

Smell those steaks on the grill
A beautiful sunset – oh what a thrill
Birds singing a thankful song
No worries of doing wrong

God’s country in all its beauty
That girl on the square’s such a cutie
Mom and kids going to the mall
Guys in uniform ready to play ball

Boy thinking about his first love
Carefree as a snow white dove
Yes he’s in a wheelchair
But he just don’t care


7 thoughts on “Springtime

    • Glad the poem made you smile. Spring is my favorite season and one of my favorite times of the year. My body loves this time of year, I feel great and have a lot better outlook on life. My body can’t handle cold weather because I have poor circulation in my legs, since I’m paralyzed… sometimes my legs are ice cold and I have to get in bed under the covers.

      Have a beautiful weekend.

  1. Great ode to spring, Jason. Thanks for sharing your story above and I hope the warm weather brings much comfort your way. I would love to invite you to share/link this on my Monday Morning Writing Prompt also, if you like.

    • Thank you so much. The words just came natural to me, although I am not a poet by any means. I am truly glad you like it. Please visit the other posts and comment. Take my poll and tell me your top five questions about spina bifida. I love sharing my story and encourage you to ask personal questions. Have a beautiful spring day my friend, Jason

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