Grandma’s House

In her favorite chair with her knitting
Cousin’s Christmas stocking done, just one sitting
You get a brownie
But promise, no pouting

About her children, she was so proud
In her house, friends were always allowed
For fifty-plus years, a loving, devoted wife
Gone at 75, too short was your life

Her youngest son, ride cowboy ride
I’m in trouble, “You see my eyes?”
Georgia football Saturdays listening to Munson
Don’t beat Tennessee, season means NOTHING

Those famous big-rimmed glasses
Teaching neighborhood swimming classes
Going uptown to do her nails
Then to post office, gotta get the mail

Trips in back of station wagon
About her grandkids, she’ll be braggin’
Gave her wisdom for years in school
Didn’t take no crap, ’cause mama didn’t raise no fool

Eating pizza, did you see her NOSE?
How big it really was, God only knows!
Weekend campouts on the couch
That’s what Grandma’s house is all about

Til the end of your life you fought
Without you now, sometimes I’m so lost
At your funeral, tears flowed like a fountain
Now go rest HIGH on that mountain

My grandmother passed away in March 2005 after a valiant fight with leukemia. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and all the great times we had at her house in Georgia, sitting around the table at Christmas or Thanksgiving, sitting in the living room around the white Christmas tree, sipping on sweet tea by the pool during the summer, or listening to Georgia Bulldogs football games on the radio as only the legendary voice of Larry Munson could describe them. I still miss her and always will, but whenever I start feeling sad I remember all the funny times we had and all the lessons she taught me growing up. This poem is a tribute to her amazing life and every line in it is true.

I love you grandma and miss you SO MUCH!! God bless your beautiful soul. Every day I think about you and I’m looking at your picture right now. Sleep well and Go Dawgs!! I can still see your eyes, they’re so pretty.


9 thoughts on “Grandma’s House

  1. Oh my god, this poem reminded me so much of my own Grannie, who we just lost last year. She was 76. Its hard to believe its been almost a year already. Beautiful poem, I’m sure your grandma would have loved it!

    • Hi Jenn. I am really sorry to hear about your Grannie. I can’t imagine what you were going through knowing she was gone. I know the pain still hurts, but I am sure my grandma and your grannie are in Heaven, standing side by side with the Lord smiling at how successful we have become. I don’t know your story but hope one day I can. I can only pray my grandma would have loved the poem.

      Just between us, I want to dedicate the poem to you and your grannie and anyone else who’s felt the pain of losing a loved one. But I want to encourage you to remember the great times you had when your grannie was still living life and not focus on THAT date. She will forever live in your heart and will always be with you wherever you go. God bless you Jenn. Have a blessed day.

    • Hi Leslie,

      I have really great memories of my grandmother and always will. Writing this poem helped bring back some of those pleasant memories. I really hope this poem will resonate with anyone who’s lost a family member. I want to remind people that although their loved one may be gone physically, they will ALWAYS be with us in spirit, forever in our hearts. I can almost feel my grandmother right now watching over me, making sure Iam doing okay and smiling her beautiful smile knowing I am doing what I love. She always stressed the importance of putting schoolwork first before we played, and I owe her a big debt of gratitude for helping me get my priorities in line. Have a great day Leslie, Jason

  2. My Grandmother also passed on but several years ago. Your poem is beautiful and reminds me so much of my Grandmother too. Her portrait still hangs in my room, and she has been my Angel my entire life. I know exactly what you mean when you say her eyes are beautiful. They are filled with so much love and compassion. Grandmothers: We are so blessed to have known and been loved by them.

    :0)s and Hugs!

    • Hi Judy,

      I am so sorry to hear your grandmother passed on several years ago. I know she meant a lot to you, just hearing you speak of her. I have a picture of my grandmother and grandfather in a frame above my desk. She looks so pretty in the picture and know she’s even more beautiful today. My grandmother could give you a piece of her mind, but at the end of the day you knew she loved you so much and would do anything for anybody. Praise God we have two angels watching over us. This poem is dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one and the guardian angels who so lovingly watch over us. God bless you Judy.

  3. A wonderful tribute to a very special lady… I think we will forever miss those who have passed on before us, but as you said, they live on in our hearts. Truly an inspirational piece.

  4. Jason,

    It’s a lovely poem. I had two wonderful grandmothers. When my own grandchildren came along I wanted to be just like them. Everyone needs someone in their life they can pour their hearts out to when all they really want is for someone to listen and not to judge them. It’s easier to do as a grandparent because we don’t have to be as stern as their parents. It’s our turn to give them a cookie even if they haven’t had their supper yet. At our age we know it’s not going to kill them to eat the cookie first. Being a grandparent is a gift too many people waste because they don’t recognize you only have a short time to be that person your grandchild need you to be.

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