Lonely Valentine

See that blonde over by the bar
Staring at me from afar
Sitting alone in the corner
Does she know how much I adore her?

Eating fries and chicken fingers
The image of her still lingers
Every time she smiles, she’s so hot
How long I’ve been here, I totally forgot

Does she know I exist?
To ask would be a big risk
Happy hour’s over
My courage sinking lower

Over by the jukebox stands her man
My poor heart’s broken again


6 thoughts on “Lonely Valentine

    • Thank you Jenn. I wrote this one from my experiences having trouble finding a girlfriend. I know there’s a wonderful woman out there for me, but will let it happen on God’s time. When He thinks I’m ready to be in a relationship I know he will send me a great, God-fearing woman who will hopefully be THE one. Have a great day Jenn!!

    • Thank you Leslie. I’ve really learned a lot about myself and my gifts the past couple weeks. I’ve discovered feelings I never knew existed. Poetry is beautiful and really good for the soul. Thank you for helping me realize how beautiful opening the pen and starting to write can be.

  1. A very touching words of expressions… I can even feel ur sadness…
    U’ll meet ‘The One’ for you Jason. I pray for that, my friend…:)

    • Thank you Meike. I’ve been talking to a couple women recently, but not sure if I’m ready for a committment yet. God knows the perfect woman for me, so I’m leaving this in His hands. Really glad you liked the poem. I’ve learned so much about myself writing these poems!!!

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