What is your craziest, most unique Christmas or birthday wish ever?

Yesterday I was in the kitchen getting something to drink and was at the refrigerator getting some ice, when I noticed something a little bit odd (which around our house is normal). I live in a house with three women, my mom and two younger sisters, and if you have women in your life, you know they save EVERYTHING!!!

Well, I was standing at the fridge putting ice in my cup when I noticed our Christmas wish list from 2010. Not too surprised, since we always put it on the fridge, so my sisters and I can write down an idea of what we’d like for Christmas: a new CD, shirt, or a book we want to read. But what my mom was still doing with it tacked to the fridge TWO months after the fact still has me dumbfounded.

Anyway, I got to looking at what I put on my wish list and noticed something that when I was six may have seemed so utterly stupid and crazy. Now that I’m older, and I guess more mature, I don’t put down every single toy, new poster, or new gadget that I can bribe my parents into getting me. The one thing that made me stop and say “Wait a minute, I remember putting that down,” was that I wanted my grandfather to still be living with us through Christmas.

Before I go any further, I should explain that my grandfather has Alzheimer’s disease and isn’t getting better anytime soon. He was diagnosed three or four years ago and every time I see him I always think it could be the last time. Let me tell you, nothing is more scary, more frightening or more truly heartbreaking than knowing your grandfather or grandmother may not be around the next time you go to their house, or the next time they want to come over to your house.

I remember sitting in the kitchen yesterday, after looking at my Christmas list (still tacked to the fridge) and silently thanking and praising GOD that He allowed my grandfather to survive one more day, one more Christmas, one more year with his family and friends who love him so much. I also remember when we went to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve and seeing my grandfather sitting in his favorite chair in the den. Last Christmas Eve, that moment when I knew my grandfather was okay, if even for a little bit, means more to me than all the money in the world, and that little wish on my list doesn’t seem as selfish, as crazy or as stupid as it did when I first wrote it down in November or whenever it was.

Which brings me to the point of this post… what was your craziest, silliest, most unique Christmas or birthday wish ever? Not only that, do you feel like it was so crazy if you’ve had time to reflect on the wish and whether it came true or not? God is amazing!!!


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