Home of the Brave

Home – a lonely sand dune, cold, wet ground
Gunfire, screaming, violence the only sounds

Night after night you froze
Why mom and America abandoned you, God only knows

Call to the Father when alone
His everlasting love, He’ll always show

In His strong, loving arms
You’ll always be safe from harm

Knowing the life you led makes me sad
I can’t fathom the struggles you’ve had

Although you were weak and feeble
So glad you met God’s people

Living alone in your car
Beats an alley behind a bar

Day after day you survive
Give people hope to live their lives

Feared nothing, sought thrills
Life’s better off without pills

Together, me and Christ
Through it all, we fought the fight

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend, Leslie Moon, who I met on Twitter a couple months ago, and to the men and women of the US military. We can learn so much from these brave souls who have gone through hell, fought the battles and have the scars to prove it. God bless you Leslie and God bless the United States of America.


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