So many ideas, so little time….

When I first started this blog on December 31, I had a big vision of writing at least once a day, sometimes two or three times when the inspiration hit, but there’s one thing that has gotten in the way: TIME. No, not the magazine, I mean the lack of a few precious minutes or hours to just sit and jot down ideas and turn those ideas into full-fledged blog posts.

Oh, sure I’m off work on Fridays and the weekends, but I spend those days just lounging around the house, playing with my dog, talking to my mom, thinking about my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s and getting prepared for the next grueling week at the office.

I never knew when I started this blog the amount of time I’d need to devote to it, to answer my readers’ comments and questions, and make my blog the best it can possibly be. I’ve got about 50 ideas jotted down on about five pieces of paper, but whenever I want to sit down and blog about them, I get distracted, am working on something for work, or just don’t feel like blogging.

I know “not feeling like it” is a bad excuse, and I sincerely, truly and wholeheartedly apologize for not blogging on a more regular basis. I know my readers expect me to respond to their questions and give them fresh, inspiring messages of hope more than every three weeks, but because of my spina bifida, some days I come from home from work aching, tired and just want to eat dinner and go to bed.

Before I go, I have a question for you guys who blog or write books. How do you guys find the time and energy to blog? I’ve subscribed to several blogs and get several emails every day about new posts. Oh yeah, that reminds me… see I got side tracked…. 😦 I am so sorry I haven’t read and responded to your blog posts, if I’ve subscribed to your blog. I love reading and sharing my thoughts and promise to read your blogs and comment when I have a minute.

Thank you so much for those of you who have stuck with me through the long haul. I hope you’ll pull up a rocking chair, put on your slippers and grab a cup of coffee (or glass of sweet tea :)) and stay a while. You might find the place a little messy, I haven’t had time or felt like cleaning my desk off either. 😦


4 thoughts on “So many ideas, so little time….

  1. I think that you need to blog when you really feel like it and really feel like you have something to say. If you force posts, I think you’ll soon feel burnt out and lose interest. I know that I’d rather read a blog that only posts once every two weeks with an amazing post than drab posts every day. (NOT saying yours are, that’s just an example :p) I sometimes don’t post for 2 weeks and then write three in one week because certain things happen or I’m feeling a certain way. I think it should all be how you’re feeling rather than guilt. 🙂

  2. Sigh. I struggle with finding the time, as well. What’s been helpful to me is type posts – even if they are super rough – save them in draft mode, and then go ahead and schedule them into my editorial calendar, which brings me to…

    …do you have an editorial calendar? Mine is very simple, but it helps keep me on track.

    • Hi Andi,

      I’ve had several people tell me to keep an editorial calendar but never followed through on it. It would really help me organize my thoughts and schedule posts every couple days. I’ve got three drafts saved in WP and have let them sit for a month or so. I don’t really like saving posts as drafts. When I start something, I like to finish it in one sitting. Otherwise, I forget what I wanted to say. But then again, letting the drafts sit there may give me a new direction, idea for the post than the one I had originally!! Thank you Andi. Have a great evening and God bless you.

      P.S. Sorry if you get this same reply twice. I replied in my e-mail client but it didn’t show up here 😦

      • Sometimes, I finish a post in one sitting, but don’t actually publish it right away. If it isn’t something that’s necessarily time-sensitive, I may hold it until a day when I don’t have much to say. I don’t like posting every day, but I also don’t want to skip weeks. Always staying a few posts ahead is keeping me on track.

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