I Know

Once again readers, I bring you a very inspirational message I received in my e-mail this morning. This is probably one of the most inspirational e-mails I’ve ever received and what a powerful message, knowing that we will never have to worry, be sad, doubt, fear anything or have to walk alone in darkness because Jesus is the Creator, the Beginning and the End, the Light at the end of the tunnel, our Healer and our Redeemer. I hope this message ministers to your heart to praise God tonight before you go to sleep for ALWAYS knowing what we need and what we are feeling, even when we think He doesn’t care. Yes friends, because He lives, we can face tomorrow.

I Know
I know He is the beginning, so why do I worry about the end.

I know He is the creator, so why do I wonder who will destroy.

I know He has forgiven me, so why can’t I forgive myself.

I know He is a healer, so why do I speak of sickness.

I know He can do all things, so why do I say I can’t.

I know He will protect me, so why do I fear.

I know He will supply all my needs, so why can’t I wait.

I know He is my strength and my salvation, so why do I feel weak.

I know that everything and everyone has a season, so why when someone’s
     season is over do I weep instead of rejoice.

I know He is the right way, so why do I go the wrong way.

I know He is the light, so why do I choose to walk in darkness.

I know that whatever I ask of GOD, GOD will give me, so why am I
     scared to ask.

I know tomorrow is not promised, so why do I put off for tomorrow
     what I can do today.

I know that the truth shall make me free, so why do I continue to lie.

I know He gives us revelation knowledge and understanding, so why do
     I lean on my own understanding.

I know I should live in the spirit as well as walk in the spirit, so
     why do I choose to live in the spirit but walk in the flesh.

I know that when praises go up blessings come down, so why do I
     refuse to praise Him.

I know I am saved, so why do I refuse the word He has given me.

I know He has a plan for me, so why am I rushing it because I am
     eager to do His will, when it is His time not my time.
— Author Unknown


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