The Focus is on Change

Change is happening to all who seek it. The most important focus of today is to participate in your own change, and it is to be done peacefully if possible.

Changing, or reverting to your true nature, takes time and courage. There is no quick fix to bring about changes in your life. The healing process is long and arduous.

“Just let it go!” people say.

“Let go of what?” I ask.

You have to understand what you are “letting go of.”

You need to know

  • What was the reason for the issue occurring and the root cause of it?
  • Who or what was involved?
  • Forgiveness to yourself and those involved

This takes a lot of work, and it is continuous until it is completed.

The main point is

  • How do you find out in the first place what the issues and limitations are?

The only way to deal with issues and limitations is to connect with the soul and God/Divine support properly. You require Divine support to help you through resolving all of this and a pack of “Angel Cards” will not help in any shape or form; in fact, they will hinder you as they function on a lower vibration and will hold you back. You have to become self-reliant.

How do you get Divine support? 

Divine support only comes through commitment and dedication. You have to thoroughly cleanse your environment. The Divine will not work in an environment full of evil and bad entities. It is an insult to even think about it. Your home has to be a sanctuary. Simple smudging or incense burning will not suffice. It is not a case of simply calling archangel/angel (Name) to help you and request they do ABC for you. They do not work like that. They have boundaries in which they work.

Once you are connected to your soul, your soul will take control and manage the releases of limitations and issues. The stronger you become, the more painful issues will be brought forward.

What is meant by painful?

Issues which become deep seated in your emotions, mind and physical body. Your continual focus on the same issue year in and year out makes it stronger and painful.

For example, recently, I faced an issue through keeping my old behavior. Life placed me in a position to face that particular limitation. I had no choice but to flow into the change of thinking and behaving. As I flowed and released the fear deep in my abdomen, as this is where I had stored it and built upon it, I could feel a brick in my lower abdomen. Oh, the pain was excruciating. I had not experienced a stomach ache like it before. I was not at home. Friends quickly took me home, and it was many hours before the pain completely left, leaving me feeling fresh and energized.

A different kind of pain is an explosion of emotions, especially supressed ones that have been building up over the years. I was shocked to find myself exploding at the main person in my life who had offended me. I had spent a great deal of time trying to make peace and harmony. How could I find peace with all the pent up emotions inside? I did not realize it was going to happen, and I could not control it either, and, whoosh, I erupted like a volcano. 

The pain I was experiencing was that I felt uncomfortable with losing my composure, peace, calm and happiness, but it had to be removed. It was also a lesson for the other person in behavior. It is having confidence in working with your soul, which will allow you to understand what is going on in your body and emotions, and why.

Many of you will seek therapists to help you release your issues and limitations.  Remember the ONLY pain you should experience is your own personal pain. Not the pain inflicted by a brutal mal-practitioner. This is a time of being gentle and compassionate with yourself, and those you seek to aid you need to be gentle and compassionate.

Just like your soul is gentle with you, and, when orchestrated with the Divine, the healing will be perfect.

I went to many bad practitioners, and the following is just one example. I went to an English practitioner for massage and Chinese acupuncture. I was very ill and, like everyone else, desperate to find a solution to heal and have good health. I found her methods uncomfortable, but I persevered. The last time I visited was because of her methods and attitude. She placed a needle in my neck. The pain was unbearable like an electric shock. I shrieked, screamed and cried out loud. Her response was, “The pain is there because you have so much wrong with you.” The pain was not a release of any issue, but because of her brutality of how she had been taught, which I found to be consistent with similar practitioners. There was no support or compassion and consideration of me as a human; I was just a piece of meat. Yes they were upset when I cancelled. I was regular income.

The malpractitioner had no idea of the enormity of what was wrong with me and neither did I.

Just because they practice alternative medicine does not mean they are compassionate, loving and good, so please beware.

If you are serious about changing and regenerating your true self, you will take the time and dedicate effort into doing this because you are worth it.

You have to be patient with you and your life because there will be times when life appears to be static and become frustrating. There is much going on within and around you to take you to the next phase, and we all want to arrive yesterday; realistically, this is not possible.

Always be compassionate with yourself first. Give time to heal, rest, nap and sleep.  The more you flow with what your soul desires for you, the quicker you will change and heal from the past.

Blessings to all………

About Nanette De Ville

My life was I would say quite normal until the age of 16 when I had a vicious spell cast on me. Then my life was closed until recently when it was removed, and I now have my life back again. I am free and happy just like I used to be.

Through the restraints and the alternate path I was pushed down, I experienced a tremendous amount of difficulties people endure in life, which puts me in a good position to understand other’s. I do not wish to indicate my life would not have had any bad moments, but life would not have been quite so grueling.

Despite all of that, I learned how to heal myself, and I have now completed my healing.  Most of my self-healing was done in union with my soul and based on eating normal foods you can buy at the supermarket. I did take some supplements and herbal remedies, but to be honest, the dietary healing took place by adopting different diets as and when required.

I am not religious, but I love God and am very committed and dedicated to Him and my path. God and the Divine spirits have helped me get my life back on track. They have been the strongest force in my healing. I have always been naturally sensitive and empathic with people. I learned to use my natural spiritual gifts and analytical abilities to get to the root cause of problems. I constantly peel away the layers until I hone in on what is true.

As a truth seeker, I continue to open my soul more. Being connected to God is what has made me strong. I now feel very confident in going forward to help others on their path by teaching simple techniques I learned from my soul to boost their own abilities to become more in control of their lives.


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