Jobs and Job

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Jobs and Job

If you ask the typical Christian what book and character of the Bible represents the most severe trial, the vast majority will say Job.

Job was a man who had it all, then lost most of it and suffered tremendously. There is often reference to “The Job Experience,” and many of us will one day or are currently enduring a type of Job experience of pain, ridicule and suffering.

I urge you to remember this when it comes:

Job went through tremendous loss after he had been granted much. He lost his ten children. When all was restored, everything he had was restored double except his children. He only got ten children back, why didn’t he get twenty children?

Because he will likely see the original ten children again, he didn’t lose them, he was only parted from them in his lifetime.

Some of you will lose jobs or your current nightmares and sleeplessness are due to the fear of losing your job. It’s no accident that job is spelled just like Job, and for many losing
your job will be your Job Experience.

It will be restored.

Scholars claim the book of Job is the oldest book of the Bible. Perhaps intense trials at some point in our lives is the oldest human condition.

Keep the faith, don’t lose heart, and remember, like Job, you won’t lose it all, and when restoration comes, your latter days will be greater than the former.


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