But I’m Not Funny!

But I’m Not Funny!

By Karyn Buxman

You don’t have to BE funny to SEE funny, which is great news if you’re searching for a nursing job. The health benefits of humor manifest no matter the source of the laughter!  One way to take advantage of this fact is to be a humor collector.

A humor collector pays attention, keeping a watchful eye for the funny side of life. You never know where humor may surprise you. It could be the little sign on the Labor and Delivery door that says Push. Push. Push. It could be the old man who shushes you at the bowling alley, telling you he needs to hear a pin drop. It could be the funny picture you found posted on your friend’s Facebook.
Save those moments. Collect them! Some people do this with a journal or blog. If I find a funny news story, I Tweet* about it so the people who follow me can share in the humor as well. One quip, funny story, or funny cat picture at a time, you can accumulate quite a bit of funny stuff. Accumulation is important. You want to be able to return to the things that made you laugh on those occasions when you, like everyone else, get discouraged. A humor collection is a valuable resource to shore up sagging morale, boost your spirits, and sometimes, just keep you going out there another day.
Best of all, unlike many other collectibles, humor is free. There’s no price tag on laughter.  You can build a great collection without spending a dime, simply by being in the moment and open to the humor that happens all around us, each and every day.
*Twitter users, check out @NurseTogether, @KarynBuxman and @FunnyNurse.
Yours in laughter!

Speaker. Author. Freakin’ Funny Nurse.

About the Author

Karyn Buxman, publisher of The Journal of Nursing Jocularity, is a humor specialist and accomplished platform speaker.  She is one of 114 inductees-including only 29 women-in the Speaker Hall of Fame.  Karyn addresses thousands of nurses each year, delivering inspirational messages and reminding them why they entered the profession in the first place. 

Click here to read more on Karyn Buxman.

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