Oh What a Glorious Day

I’m standing at the pearly gates
Today is my lucky date!
God is standing with His arms wide open to welcome me into Heaven!
I rejoice and shout out loud, “Oh what a glorious day!”

Everybody’s life must come to an end
But no one ever knows just when
I hope God accepts me with no hesitation
Because I have already put in my reservation

Although in my life I have not been perfect, and I know that I have sinned
Repenting your sins is something you cannot pretend
And forgiveness will stay with you until the end
If you believe in him

My God is a loving, caring, and compassionate Man
If you confess your sins, you will be forgiven
You will then be given the rights to the gates of Heaven
I have been forgiven, this I know, for the Bible tells me so

Before I leave this worldly place
May God fill my heart with forgiveness and grace
I will leave knowing what I have done is done in peace
And now my soul can rest, my burdens have been released

Thank you for those who have been part of my journey

I can only pray that your lives will be filled with everything your heart desires
That your heart will also be filled with love, happiness and joy that only you can transpire

When you look up in the sky at night
A bright light will be shining in your eyes
That my friend will be the star that I have become
And placed up so high way up far in the skies above known to us as Heaven

Always remember, I am watching you and some day you may become a star too!  
Good luck as you continue on your journey
God bless you all
Both near and far

Written  by Brenda Lambert, July 19, 2011


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