Footprints in Your Heart

Footprints in Your Heart

By Janet Izzo

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 1184-1962

Lately, I have been reconnecting with friends and acquaintances via social networking. Either I have found them or they have found me. It has been such joy to hear from these dear hearts from years ago. Memories have flooded my mind and I have laughed, cried and found great joy in remembering people and times that were so important to me as a child, a youth and as a young adult. It has been as though I have opened a beautiful story book.

So are we really able to relive our youth? Is it possible to simply close our eyes and see ourselves as we were? Can we shed years of not knowing what had become of those who were so important to us and renew relationships as if no time had elapsed?
At this point, I must admit, it has been quite a reflective journey. We may look a little older (for life can be guilty of that) but miracle of all miracles, every one of my “old” friends are still who they were years ago. Their voices are the same. Their laughs are the same. Their personalities are exactly as they were ions ago and remind me of why they were my chosen friends in the first place.
But what do they think of me? Am I the same care free girl I was so long ago? Are their memories of me good ones? Had I been a loyal and trusted friend during our youth? What do they remember the most about me? Many of those questions have been answered and surprisingly, it has been more of a blessing than anyone can imagine.       
If you have not had the opportunity to connect with your past, then I encourage you to reach out! People may have slipped out of your life long ago but those footprints in your heart are there to stay. 
About the Author

Janet Izzo is a registered nurse in the state of Minnesota and a member of the Minnesota Nurses Association. She is an inspirational speaker and author of “Hotel Hennepin,” which chronicles her experiences working in a large county hospital in the heart of Minneapolis. The stories Janet relates in “Hotel Hennepin” are poignant, sad and hysterically funny, but all are amazingly true! She is passionate about the nursing profession and she now speaks to nurses and nursing students across the nation on the topic “Nurses Can Make the Difference.”


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