Pain Can Be Fixed With a Hug

I’m sure many people can relate to this.

So many times in life people hurt your feelings and then they say, “I’m sorry.”

Most of the time, no matter how bad you are hurt, you always just naturally say, “That’s okay,” but the thing is, is it really okay?

The burning, nagging, pulling at your heart says otherwise, but you sort of lie through your teeth and don’t say what you really feel. I think I want to change that and share with people how I really feel.

Letting things just slide by only makes things worse for you because deep down inside, the pain is still there. One thing I do respond to more than words is a sorry and a hug.
For some reason, a hug heals the broken heart and sometimes makes you forget what the issue was in the first place.

It’s like when you are a small child and get hurt, and your mommy kisses the place that hurts. It suddenly doesn’t hurt as bad, and she wipes away your tears then puts a bandage on it and makes it all better.

I know it is hard sometimes to think before speaking, but sometimes the tongue speaks before the brain takes time to listen.

The next time you hurt someone, especially the one you love, remember even if you apologize and they say, “That’s okay,” you know it really isn’t.

Giving them a hug, criss-crossed arms around them, is like a bandage on their pain.

By Brenda Lambert


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