Multitask While You Surf the Net

Hi! I am Paula Robinson, the Real Housewife of Singapore. I am an American expat, wife, mom and coffee addict.

Today, I am going to show you different ways you can “multitask” while blogging, or whatever it is you do on the computer. Some of these are a bit obvious, and you may already be doing them. Some of this is genius, some a little off, but all of it is in good fun!

1. Laundry. I always throw a load in the washer before I sit down. This goes for the dishwasher if you have one too! (I don’t. Boohoo!) If you use a dryer, same thing. I air dry almost everything in my attempt to be greener and save money.

2. Pay bills online. I am always flipping between screens – Ebay, Blogger, bank, etc. I have a list on my screen, and I try to check them off as I blog and shop 🙂

3. You can give yourself a pedicure and face mask at the same time!!  Just ply on the face mask (I like the bright green ones that startle people when they see me), then fill up the foot bath with warm water and a few drops of body wash. (Make yourself a note to buy a foot bath if you don’t have one!) Don’t forget the towel to dry your feet off! Soak your feet 10-15 minutes, then trim and file nails, and add paint. Let them dry while keeping your feet safely tucked under your desk! 🙂 If you are mostly reading, you can do a mini manicure as well! Rinse the face mask off after you are done on the computer. Please do not use your foot water!

4. Breastfeed the baby! Pull on a breastfriend pillow or boppy, latch on said kid and type away! Of course you will need a burp cloth and to occasionally make that all important eye contact, too, but mostly you can just surf the net! 🙂

5. Shopping/ordering – I am fortunate enough to be able to order groceries and household supplies online, and have them delivered. It is the online website of the exact store at which I physically shop. So, in between blogs, I go down the shopping list of what I need. I generally just order the heavy stuff – canned goods, toiletries, cartons of juice and milk, etc…  Sorry if this does not apply to your area. Maybe you can use this time to write emails encouraging your local grocery to start a program like this. Hey, you’d help create a few jobs, and in return you save time and gas!

I also check off the birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts as well. My computer calender alerts me one month, two weeks, and one week before an event that requires a gift, so I try to take care of those while visiting the various blogs, etsy shops, Facebook shops etc.  Support your entrepreneurs! 

6. Play with your pets. You can throw a ball while surfing or wiggle a feather with your feet. If you are more ambitious, you can actually take them for a walk while working on your iPhone/Blackberry/smart phone. Just make sure to look up now and again so you don’t run into a tree or get hit by a car! Also make sure you pick up any doo-doo you pet may do!

7. Charge your computer, phone, iPod etc. If you are gonna be plugged in, might as well be plugged in!

Have other ways to multitask and save time while wasting time on the Internet? I wanna know. Tell Jason in his comment section, then pop over and tell me at




6 thoughts on “Multitask While You Surf the Net

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Make sure you check out the rest of my blog too. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about me or spina bifida. Take care.

  1. Haha, Paula is always so clever! I would be great at multitasking while on the net but I get distracted way too easily, so it’s best to focus on one task at a time.

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