Inspirations by Nurse Janet: Friendly Advice

Inspirations by Nurse Janet: Friendly Advice

By Janet Izzo

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill 

How many of us are facing difficulties of one kind or another in our lives? Life is not easy, is it, nurses? Trials seem to be everywhere these days. Economic hardships are running rampant with many of my friends, not to mention physical, spiritual and emotional challenges of every sort.

Everywhere we turn, there are experts who think they have the answers…the quick fix.  Their witty quotes and advice are sometimes a little over simplified, not to mention, irritating. Personally, I like to listen to sad songs on the radio. They do wonders for my spirit as long as I know enough to turn them off after a certain length of time.

A hot bath, a lit candle and a Barry Manilow CD are my therapies. I sometimes add a Diet Coke or a couple of cookies and I’m good to go! These sorts of simple pleasures can really help to reduce stress after a long, tiring shift. Of course, I never rule out the possibility of a good “self help” book like Dr Seuss. (He is a real doctor, isn’t he?) 

Example: “I learned there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead, some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready, you see. Now my troubles are going to have trouble with me!”

Words of wisdom, I’d say! 

But seriously, at the risk of another inane quote, don’t things always seem to work out eventually? And if they don’t, my nursing advice today would be to seek out help whether it’s with a professional or a good friend. Best friends Woody and Buzz (from Toy Story) had it right with their amazing theme song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Now there’s some great advice!

About the Author

Janet Izzo is a registered nurse in the state of Minnesota and a member of the Minnesota Nurses Association. She is an inspirational speaker and author of “Hotel Hennepin,” which chronicles her experiences working in a large county hospital in the heart of Minneapolis. The stories Janet relates in “Hotel Hennepin” are poignant, sad and hysterically funny, but all are amazingly true! She is passionate about the nursing profession, and she now speaks to nurses and nursing students across the nation on the topic “Nurses Can Make the Difference.”


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