A Hero Lies In You

I recently spoke to a client I coach who epitomizes the spirit of courage and perseverance.  I tell him and others that he’s my hero, and I mean it with all my heart. 

He’s beaten cancer twice, has a debilitating disease that attacks the lymph nodes in his various organs and body tissues, and yet he moves on. He’s said to me, more than once, that he won’t let any of this defeat him, and it doesn’t. He works regularly, is well respected at his job and has an unflinching faith that never yields to the pain and suffering that he endures daily. 

I admire his spirit and, when there are moments of doubt and weariness that I sometimes fall prey to, I’m reminded of him and his endurance, tenacity and open heart.

I speak of him, not for comparison to find any of us lacking. Rather, to remember the strength and ability that we have to conquer our fears, move beyond life’s adversities and challenges and never give up.

We can find the way to see past them without minimizing what these circumstances teach us and also tend to what needs to be done as we go through them. Also, as crazy as it may appear, within these times of turbulence and suffering, there’s often a gift.

I recall such a gift when I had an injury and couldn’t walk too long or sit without great pain. During that time of doctors and therapies, I began to seek alternative medicine and alternative ways to heal myself. This opened doors to new knowledge and healing. I found answers, took courses and received training and certifications in alternative methods, which I incorporated into my life and into my professional career. 

It led me on a wonderful and rich journey of discovery and self discovery to which I’m forever grateful. Many of those techniques such as energy medicine, hypnosis and the Alexander Technique are included in the coaching and training work I do with my clients. 

Find the gift in whatever life situation you’re dealt. It may not be evident immediately (mine wasn’t), but it can lead to unknown treasures that can be a catalyst for your own personal growth and also that of others. 

When you need the support of a mentor or a coach during such times, seek one out. Someone who is objective, competent and caring, and who can journey with you is invaluable. My client says that I’ve been that for him. I say, he’s been one of my greatest teachers.

About Dr. JoAnne White

International author and speaker Dr. Jo Anne White is a certified professional coach, business consultant and energy intuitive, specializing in innovation and transformation. For more than two decades she’s been teaching the Law of Attraction, using the principles to enrich the lives and businesses of her clients.

Known globally as the “Success Doc,” Dr. Jo Anne gets to the heart of what matters most to businesses and people. She’s helped millions of individuals and organizations shape their own dreams, master their own success and triumph in business and life.

With 25 years in education, administration, business, leadership and energy medicine, Dr. White delivers imaginative and cutting-edge training and seminars tailored to each audience.

Host of the “Power Your Life” talk radio show, Dr. JoAnne has been featured online and in publications worldwide, such as CNN, More, Yahoo, Good Housekeeping and WebMD. She’s made frequent guest appearances on radio and television networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX and Voice America sharing her diverse expertise.

Her books for women, men and businesses are valuable resources for personal, professional and spiritual growth with tools to inspire and achieve full potential and success. They include the newly released “Mastering the Art of Success,” “The Self Architect,” “The Woman’s Handbook for Self Empowerment,” “Sense Your Way to Life Satisfaction,” “A Journey Within” and “The Baby Boomer’s Handbook for Women.”

E-mail JoAnne at joanne@drjoannewhite.com
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