Stomp Out Cervical Cancer September 17

Hey guys!! Just a reminder that if you know someone who passed away because of cervical cancer, has cervical cancer or want to honor cervical cancer survivors, there is still time to register to volunteer, donate or walk to defeat cervical cancer September 17. Walk To Beat the Clock! will be held from 8 a.m.-noon at Carl Schurz Park, located at the intersection of East End Avenue and East 86th Street in New York City.

Interested in registering, donating or volunteering?

About the Walk to Beat the Clock

In May 2007 Tamika and Friends, Inc. held their inaugural Walk to Beat The Clock! for Cervical Cancer and HPV Prevention and Awareness Walk in Washington, D.C. It was followed by a second Walk in D.C. in May 2008 and their first New York City Walk to Beat The Clock! in September 2008. Proceeds benefit Tamika and Friends, Inc. to support various programs to help people living with cervical cancer and cervical cancer survivors. The walks have proven to be a great way to raise awareness, provide education and to give cervical cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones, as well as those who have lost loved ones to cervical cancer, a sense of community and friendship. 

About Cervical Cancer


2 thoughts on “Stomp Out Cervical Cancer September 17

  1. Thank you Jason for your support to this cause near and dear to my heart. We are trying to give cervical cancer a voice. No woman should die or lose their fertility to cervical cancer.

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