A Guide To Choosing the Right Herbicide

Weed killers can keep your lawn and garden looking tidy and beautiful. Don’t let troublesome weeds keep you from having a nice lawn and garden. The more you know about weed control, the more prepared you will be to use the right products to keep the weeds out of your yard. To best control the weeds in your yard, you should know there are four main categories of herbicides, and which type you want will depend on what your desired outcome is. Answering these three simple questions can help you weed out the products you don’t want (no pun intended).  So, are you looking to…?

1.  A) Kill the seeds
     B) Kill the weeds

If you answered A: Pre-emergence herbicides are used to kill weeds when they are still in the seed stage. These products are applied to the soil before germination and keep weeds from sprouting. These are best used on annual and perennial weeds that you know are coming. 

If you answered B: Post-emergence herbicides are used on weeds that have already grown. These products are applied to the leaves of plants and kill the weeds on contact.

2.  A) Get rid of all the plants
     B) Get rid of only the bad weeds

If you answered A: Non-selective herbicides kill everything they come in contact with. If you want to save those pretty flowers you just planted, this is not what you are looking for. However, if you have unwanted plants growing through cracks on the exterior of your house, or sprouting up in the sidewalk cracks, then non-selective herbicides are definitely your best choice.

If you answered B: You’ll want to use a selective herbicide. These products target only the plants you want to get rid of, like dandelions and crabgrass, leaving your other plants unscathed. Choose selective herbicides to spray in your garden and on your lawn.

3.  A) Replant soon
     B) Replant next year

If you answered A: Some herbicides and weed killers prevent plants from growing in the treated area by making the soil unfertile. If you want to plant in this area soon, you’ll want to use a non-persistent herbicide, one that breaks down in the soil quickly, allowing for re-growth.

If you answered B:  If it will be awhile until you plant again, you may want to choose a persistent herbicide. These products last in the soil, breaking down slowly, preventing weeds from growing back.

You can learn more about weeds, including weed control at Do My Own Pest Control.

About Heather Ashton

Heather Ashton is a home-improvement enthusiast from Atlanta, Georgia. She loves to write about gardening, insects, photography, interior design and, of course, food! She has published many articles online with the goal of educating people more about different ways to improve their homes, without spending a lot of money.

Check Heather out on Twitter and lynnbrownphotography.com


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