How Can This Be?

Here is yet another heartfelt, inspirational guest post by my friend Janet, whom I met on Twitter. You may recall she guest hosted on the blog a couple months ago, but if not, go ahead and re-read her first post. Janet has one of the most amazing spirits of anyone I’ve had on the blog, and it’s my honor and pleasure to welcome back Janet Gemberling.

How can this be? You knew me before I saw light, felt coldness and warmth, the first pangs of hunger, drew my first breath, before I first bowed my head in prayer.

You called to my heart, before I could speak, before I could understand, before I could know who You possibly were.

You died to save me before I took my first step, before I could bask in Your glorious world, before I made my first mistake, before I had my first thought.

You loved me more than all of Your creation. You loved me and made a place for me. You loved me in spite of myself.

Oh on my knees my heart cries how can this be? The God of heaven and earth was with me from the beginning and will be with me forever. I was never alone and will never be alone. In my darkest moments You broke through with such a blinding, overpowering light it sent the dark running, cowering from You.

How can this love never throw its hands up in disgust with me? What manner of love is this? You have taken what I conceive as love and entirely re-wrote it. What ever could this insignificant person do to make You smile? To bring joy to who You are? All You have asked is for me to follow You, be born of Your Spirit, and believe in who You are? It doesn’t even seem a fair exchange to my simple mind. So much made for my pleasure, the stars in the sky, the sounds of praise and worship, the beautiful children You’ve bestowed on me, Your voice awakening my spirit. How can this be?

About Janet Gemberling

Janet Gemberling is a happily-married mother with four sons and lives west of Denver. She has written women’s bible studies, been involved as a vocalist in music ministry and has written church holiday programs. Eager to follow God, Janet, at five years old, walked to church for Sunday school by herself. Janet loves and encourages interaction with her readers. “Not every event is joyful, but you can bring joy to every event.”


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