One Mother’s Crusade to Alleviate Autism

A couple months ago, I was searching on Twitter about different disabilities and came across @AlleviateAutism, known in the real world as Anne Moore Burnett. We began talking, and I found out some wonderful things about her and her fight to find a cure for autism. I offered her the chance to share her story on my blog and after a couple weeks, she finally accepted. She has a wonderful, amazing story to tell about herself and her wonderful son, Joey. I truly hope you’re as blessed as I am while you read it. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present to you Anne Moore Burnett.

My son, at the age of two-years-old, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum—at the severe end. At three-years-old he didn’t speak and only screeched and squealed to get his needs met. Today, he is a senior at Brown University. While some choose to wallow in why mes, denial and anger, I choose to accept, adapt and advocate. I choose to turn the denial into determination, the anger into energy and the why mes into “watch me,” and I can show you how to do the same. I encourage you to sign up for my next free teleseminar today.

My weeks, when Joey was younger, were spent on getting his needs met on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. This translated into hours of educating myself, researching new therapies, and advocating for him to ensure he realized consistent mental and emotional growth, no matter how miniscule. Today, Joey is an independent, happy, bright, socially and emotionally adjusted young man, proving once again early diagnosis and intervention provide a more positive result for our children.

My life has been enriched in ways that are difficult to articulate. I believe every parent harbors an incredible internal gift of strength—one that I was fortunate enough to tap into under my own empowerment. We have all read stories or witnessed events on the news about people when faced with a debilitating obstacle experience a new found inner strength to rise above the current barrier in their lives. The added benefit when parents of autistic children become empowered is that their child directly benefits from this positive energy, providing all of them with a bright future. 

Take a deep breath and relax, help is out there. Autism is not a life sentence unless you chose to make it one. The time and energy you devote to our child today in providing him/her with the best services available to you will come back to you in ways you could never imagine. 

I didn’t discover a miracle cure, instead I developed a 10-step system to “beat” the diagnosis of autism—a system I’ve shared with other parents and educators over the past ten years. I call my system Step Ahead of Autism™.

Step Ahead of Autism™ is the solution to ensure early diagnosis and intervention are the primary goals of every parent, pediatrician, educator, and caregiver and provides parents with a guide enabling them to recognize, embrace and defeat autism. Sixteen years ago, I was you, standing in a bookstore, looking on the internet, perusing the library, desperately seeking some scrap of information to help me understand what was going on with my child.

Make sure you check out this interview I did with Pete Braley on 1420 AM about my son Joey, our journey and my new book “Step Ahead of Autism.”

About Anne Moore Burnett

Anne Moore Burnett has twenty years experience successfully raising an autistic child. Educators, doctors, psychologists, and counselors have referred hundreds of parents to Burnett over the past 18 years for direction and advice in the field of autism.

The founder of, she provides workshops, teleseminars, and one-on-one consultation for parents, family members and anyone touched by autism.


3 thoughts on “One Mother’s Crusade to Alleviate Autism

  1. Thank you, Anne, for sharing your inspirational story. As the mother of a child with autism – on the severe end – it’s always refreshing to read about families who have triumphed despite adversity.

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