Three Fun Autumn Ideas For Families

Three Fun Autumn Ideas For Families

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss

Create a nature door hanging. My daughter and I went for a walk, gathered a few treasures and turned them into a Fall door hanging.

Go for a Nature Walk and collect crafting products. I often save tubs, tins and coffee cans (plastic ones) so that my kids can reuse them: holding sidewalk chalk, crayons, toys, etc. These reusable items are also great for nature walks. Save a few cans or tubs and go outdoors to collect small sticks, pinecones, leaves and so on. Head back inside and make a nature collage. Our nanny recently had the kids create three nature collages. Here’s one of them:

Paint a window hanging. Craft stores often hold sales, and that’s a great time to stock up. I keep craft products inside my daughter’s closet in a five-drawer plastic container. I always have paint on hand, and my kids ask to paint when the mood hits them. We recently grabbed some fall colors and painted birds to hang on the kitchen window.

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