I Got a Question

I was reading my comments and cleaning out my spam comments folder on my blog and noticed someone mentioned they couldn’t find my newsletter, probably because I haven’t created one for my blog. But this really has gotten me to thinking: Should I create a newsletter on the blog and send it out to my subscribers?

If you answered “YES” to that question, I have a few more I’d like to run by you, or in my case, “ROLL” by you. Laugh that was funny. That’s funnier than watching South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier throw his visor and headset after Arkansas beat the Gamecocks last week!! 🙂

What would you like me to discuss in the newsletter?

If you wanted to receive the newsletter, how often would you like it to be sent to your email?

Would you like to submit questions and have me answer them?

What should the newsletter be called?

Assuming I’m able to create the newsletter and it gets good feedback, should I create a chat room where people can come and voice their concerns and problems and get help from myself and others going through the same situation?

I look forward to hearing your feedback. Don’t forget to re-tweet this post on Twitter and put it on your Facebook wall so other people can hear about it and leave their opinions. While you’re reading this one, why don’t you kick off your shoes, pull up that comfy recliner and read the rest of my blog and leave me some comment love. I’ll thank you later 😉

Peace and chocolate-covered strawberries!!!


12 thoughts on “I Got a Question

  1. Yes! A monthly newsletter highlighting your posts and guest posts would be good plus whatever other stuff you wanna dish out! Shauna does ours. We have found it a slow process though with people signing up; I’m just not sure how long it takes to get a following. We have the visitors but obviously some won’t sign up for it. This is just my opinion but I find weekly newsletters annoying as I hate my emails piling up 😦

    You should have a ‘Jason Bourne’ theme type name for your newsletter. Can’t think of anything off hand but that would be cool! 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Sonya. Not really tech-savvy so it may take me a while to figure out how to set it up. I was kind of leaning toward a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter, since time’s tight right now for me. Feel free to ask me some questions, you may be the first one I answer on the newsletter 😉 Make it tough and personal. That’s the kind of stuff I want to tell people. I want them to know what life is really like with spina bifida….. Take care, Jason

      • You can ask Shauna about it. It isn’t that complicated really but monthly would be good. As I don’t have a blog I had to sign up to wordpress just to be able to comment and get updates etc. A newsletter might save those who don’t want to sign up for blogs etc. Just not sure though. Worth a try anyway if you have the time as it’s more exposure and when people receive a newsletter who don’t use Twitter or other social networks they may just email it onto their friends. There are still a lot of people out there who don’t use social networks and just surf the net and sign up to specific newsletters.

      • Oh Jason you can do it.. If I can figure out a news letter Im confident you can. We use mail chimp.. It would be great to answer peoples questions on there… Sounds like a plan… go for it!!

  2. I’m not sure a newsletter is necessary if someone is signed up for your blog. The problem I have is that sometimes I can’t read an article when I am notified via email…. but when I come back to your site, I don’t find the layout user friendly and I can’t find your guest posts that you publish. Do you have a drop down on your main navigation for guest posts… am I blind?

    • Not sure why you’re not able to read a post when you’re notified by e-mail. I really need to work on layout, maybe that’s one project I can take care of over Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I get some time off. So sorry you can’t find the guest posts. I’ll go home tonight and create a category for “guest posts” and will edit the settings. Thank you for letting me know these things Pat. They’re really appreciated. If you have any more problems or a question let me know. I’m here to help you.

      • No no… I can read it through email but sometimes I’d rather find it via your web site because when I have time to read, I may not be in my email. You have so many self-improvement and human topics, it might be interesting to have sub-categories for guest-posts as well.

      • I see what you’re saying. My mistake… sub categories is a great idea Pat. Thank you so much for your input. What kinds of self improvement and human topics would you like me to write about personally? I want to get back to writing for my OWN blog because I know that’s what my readers expect and want. To hear directly from me about issues that are important.

  3. “I want to get back to writing for my OWN blog because I know that’s what my readers expect and want. To hear directly from me about issues that are important.”

    It would be great if you could do that J! I know time is an issue but….I’m sure there are more like me that would love you to increase your ‘personal’ blog. Is there a page for your blog as I find it hard to find your posts among the guest posts 😦

    • Hey J I have been meaning to ask you about how things are set up here. I have a terrible time locating your personal posts.. I see the guest ones no problem but seem to have to hunt for the others.. It might be me and Im not internet savvy.. Anyway. Holler if you need anything.. 🙂

  4. Hey Jason,

    I think a monthly newsletter would be great, especially if you were adding some of YOU in it. Maybe feature a monthly guest writer as well and why you think she or he is inspiring to you. I already receive email updates of all of your blogs, so it may not be necessary to add them to the newsletter as well. Perhaps add something with extra value that is created just for email subscribers–like tips, Jason’s reflections, or something else that would be encouraging to the people you are looking to touch.

    MailChimp, as Sonya mentioned, is great. And its free until you have 2000 subscribers. Its easy to use. You are a very busy man, so you could keep it basic to start in the beginning so as not to overwhelm yourself. The first few editions are the most time consuming because of the learning process and finding the template you want to use (or creating your own). But, after a few, it becomes easier.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

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