Larry Munson, A Damn Good Dawg

Georgia senator Saxby Chambliss paying tribute to Larry Munson on the floor of the U.S. Senate

Georgia senator Johnny Isakson discusses impact of Larry Munson in Washington, D.C.

As some of you may know, the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, Larry Munson, passed away almost two weeks ago from complications from pneumonia. I grew up listening to Larry on the radio every Saturday when the Dawgs were playing and hung on every word, from “Run, Lindsay, Run!” to “There goes Herschel!! My God, he ran right through two men. Herschel ran right over two men, just running and driving with those big thighs!! Oh you Herschel Walker!! My God, a freshman!!” to “We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot and broke their nose!! We just crushed their face!!” to “Look at the sugar falling out of the sky!! Look at the sugar falling out of the sky!!”

Larry retired a couple years ago from the broadcast booth, but whenever the Dawgs tee it up between the hedges, in Neyland Stadium or Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, I swear I can still hear his voice, pleading with the defense to “Hunker down one more time!!” I’m going to miss him but know he’s getting ready for today’s SEC championship game against LSU. Hmm, I wonder what he’d say if Herschel or Lindsay Scott were playing… maybe something like this?

Or maybe this…


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