Significance of the Christmas Wreath

The wreaths of Christmas are very special symbols of the season. Wreaths represent a love that knows no end. Much like the wedding bands that couples exchange when married, the wreath has no beginning and no ending. So, too, the love which came down at Christmas is eternal love, and the wreaths symbolize the love of God that never ends.

A very special wreath of the season is the Advent wreath. We add four candles to the wreath as a way of preparing for the coming of the Messiah. Each week we light one more candle. We call them the candles of hope, peace, love and joy. At the center of the wreath there stands one more candle, the Christ candle, which is lit on Christmas Eve in commemoration of the birth of the baby of Bethlehem.

I think the wreath has become my favorite symbol of the holidays. For me the wreath, with it’s shape that has no beginning and no ending, is a very visible reminder of the flowing of the years, and the repetition of the holidays and seasons. Winter leads to spring, which leads to summer and fall, until winter comes again, and the process is repeated. In the church, Advent leads to Christmas, which moves through Epiphany to Lent and Easter and Pentecost and Ordinary time until we come once more to this day, the first Sunday of Advent and begin the telling of the Christian story once more. That story, our story, God’s story, like the wreaths of Christmas, knows no end as it inspires and changes each of us again and again.

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A Christmas wreath made of mostly evergreen tree twigs, sometimes with pinecones and a bow made of red ribbon is a common Christmas decoration. These are in shape of a ring made of flowers, leaves and sometimes fruits, used as an ornament, hanging on a wall, door or resting on a table.

Widely known, the customs of Christmas come from the traditional celebration of the birth of Christ, which was later on combined with the harvest and winter solstice festivals in ancient Rome. From ancient times, the celebration has involved making offerings and decorating with evergreens, wreaths being one of the most popular forms.

Wreaths that are displayed at Christmas time are in the form of a circle, signifying eternity. They also serve to wish people happiness in the new year. Christmas wreaths are decorated with candles symbolizing the sun at winter solstice, and with holly, evergreens, red berries and pinecones, symbolizing the harvest, which might have come down since the time of ancient Rome.

Christmas wreaths can adorn any part of the home, inside or out. In many homes, this symbol of growth and everlasting life can be found both inside and out. Today, it is sometimes hard to remember the real meaning of Christmas. The wreath over the hearth brings a warmth to people’s hearts and helps them to reflect upon the true meaning of this very special day.

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What’s the significance of Christmas wreaths?

Christmas wreaths, made out of holly or some other plant (holly has spiky leaves and red berries), are a reminder of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus on His way to His crucifixion. In the past the wreath was a reminder that the baby Jesus would grow up to suffer and die for  the sins of mankind.

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