The Seed

Today I hold in my hand a tiny seed. It’s not much to look at really, nothing significant. But inside there is a promise hiding there. I’ve waited months, planning for just the right time. Everything must be just perfect, and I’ve prayed for the ground to be fertile to receive this tiny seed.

In my mind I picture the seed in its full maturity, watching it lovingly as it grows, taking great care to keep the weeds at bay. Watering, fertilizing and waiting.

I have watched others for years lovingly tend to their gardens, envying their glorious harvest. I never consider myself a sower of seed and haven’t really made an effort. I managed to obtain only that which was in full maturity and maintained it.

Today is different though. I am partaking in this great mystery I was only a spectator in before. Today my seed will be planted. It is a small seed, in the form of a simple phrase “God misses you.” That’s all and nothing more, nothing less. This is the seed my Father has given with His instructions to the letter. I am honored to be entrusted with His seed.

About Janet Gemberling

Janet Gemberling is a happily married mother with four sons and lives west of Denver. She has written women’s Bible studies, been involved as a vocalist in music ministry and has written church holiday programs. Eager to follow God, Janet, at five years old, walked to church for Sunday school by herself. Janet loves and encourages interaction with her readers. “Not every event is joyful, but you can bring joy to every event.”


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