Solstice Traditions

It is that time of year again. You know, the time when all past feuds and failings are supposed to be put aside and goodwill exists between all people? Well, it doesn’t always work that way. The madness of the retail promotions and the rush to consume even greater amounts of stuff at bargain prices drives many folks to madness. I know, for it is almost time for me to indulge in a few of my personal traditions.

Solstice celebrations have been around almost as long as homosapiens. To my folk, it is the time of Yule, in which we, in our various ways, worship the Mother Goddess who, at this time of year, gives birth to the new King who will return the light and warmth of the summer sun. We once lit great fires, some still do, and then it was candles, which burned through the long night, and now it is electric lights. At its core, it is the remains of the traditional call for the Mother to return the light and warmth to us.

We honor this each year on the solstice, then a few days later we celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family. Pagan, Christian, Jew, Asatruar, Wiccan, or whatever, this time of year is special to us all. Every family group has their own traditions as well. For example, the tree goes up on a certain day, a special treat is baked, gifts are opened at a certain time, and oh so many more possibilities.

Let me tell you of some of mine that I hold dear. One is to take a day to go to a shopping center and people watch. Yes, that’s right, on that day I am not shopping, I’m just enjoying being out amidst so many people. The stress is easy to read on most people’s faces, and I try to make them smile, just to lighten that burden a bit. The gods of retail load us up with guilt and pressure to buy more, more elaborate and bigger gifts each year. If I can make someone smile, all that stress goes away for them, if only for a moment. It is still well worth it to me.

Another of our traditions is unfolding as I write this. Each year since we got together, K sets up the tree and decorates it, as well as places the decorations around the house. These decorations are a reflection of nature and the reverence we have for the world that nurtures us.

I hold stuff, pass things, fetch other things, make tea, etc. Often I get a chance to sit and knit while chatting with her as she creates something quite beautiful for our home. I also take pictures of the process. When all is said and done, we pray our gods are as pleased with the results as we are, and that they will bless our home and all who enter it.

I wish each and every one of you great joy of the season, regardless of how you celebrate. For those of you who do not celebrate, I wish you peace and joy as well. Be good to yourselves and to each other, and may your gods bless you and your in the coming year.

About the author

I am a spiritual seeker, dog trainer, official Reiki Master and interior designer, who has turned her hand to writing. I am also an avid chess player, not a great one, but an avid one. I bake, build, knit, blog and write romance.

I have roamed far and wide for more than 60 years in this realm, and I have seen much; some I wish I had not and a great deal that I would love to see again. Some days I feel like Bilbo Baggins, for I have been there and come back again. No, I haven’t written a book about my wanderings, but much that I have experienced, observed, learned, surmised or imagined is woven into the tales I have written. I do hope you enjoy them.

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One thought on “Solstice Traditions

  1. lovely post Prudence!! reflects my sentiments almost exactly. I think that when we can hold our center, breathe deeply, regard others with gentle compassion and true interest, then indeed we can Celebrate and Enjoy!

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