Living with a Disability and Saving Money

This guest post was written by Coupon’s Ella Davidson. Davidson is a regular contributor to the charitable couponing site, Coupons.

Living with a disability is hard enough as it is, without having to worry about money as well. Unfortunately, this is a very serious problem for disabled people because, aside from living expenses, they also need medication. While giving up your medication is clearly not an option, you’ll need to find some ways to pull it off without making a huge hole in your budget.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get what you need and still end up with some money in your wallet.

Obtaining Medications

  • Products

Every industry has multiple products that come from different brands but have the same functionality, and the medication industry is no exception to this. In order to save some money, look for medications coming from less renowned brands. The only difference you’ll notice will be on the bill.

  • Concentrations

This method may not always work, but it’s worth a shot anyway. Every medication has a certain dose of active ingredients, known as concentration. The idea is to use lower doses of medications that have a higher concentration. Here’s a small demonstration of how this works: Consider your prescription contains a medication that costs $20 a box and contains 20 pills with a concentration of 10 milligrams of active ingredients. That leaves you with a cost of $1/pill.

Look for the 20-milligrams version of the same medication and only take half a pill at once. Even if the price of the 20-milligram version is higher, for example $30/box, taking into account the fact that you will only take half a pill at a time, you end up with the equivalent of 40 pills for the price of 30.

This method may not apply to all medications, though, as different concentrations of a medication may also contain other ingredients. Consult your doctor regarding this aspect before proceeding with this method.

  • Quantity

Most stores have discount policies for regular clients so once you find the drugstore with the lowest prices, stick to it. Buying in larger quantities is also more convenient than buying one item at a time. Combine this method with the ones above, and you’ll end up with the best deal for your budget.

Government programs

Most countries have government programs for the disabled, giving them various benefits and discounts. Depending on the gravity of your condition, you might be eligible for such programs, too. Your doctor should be able to give you more information regarding these programs and the terms and conditions you need to fulfill to be eligible. Often, your local city government can answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.


Being disabled poses a lot of limitations when it comes to working. However, there are a lot of work-from-home opportunities that might fit your condition, especially in the field of technology. You could work as a virtual assistant, a computer programmer or even a music producer – the possibilities are endless, you just need to find the one that suits you. Besides the fact that a job will have a beneficial impact on your income, it will also have a positive impact at a psychological level, boosting your self-confidence.

When you’re living with a disability, you already have a lot of problems to deal with and, even though living a care-free life seems to be just a myth at this point, not having to worry about money every second can definitely make your life better. Using these tips you’ll be able to save some money and even earn some money, thus relieving you from stress and allowing you to enjoy life.


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