Stay Tuned This Week

Thank you to everyone who’s left such great feedback about this post. I’m going to be doing a follow-up to something I said, probably Friday, so stay tuned. Note: What I’m going to discuss may be really uncomfortable for some readers. It’s going to be really uncomfortable for me, opening up this much to total strangers. Parental guidance is suggested.


4 thoughts on “Stay Tuned This Week

    • Hey Shauna, thanks for the comment. I kind of want to say what I have to Friday… it may give people a closer look into what I’m dealing with because of the spina bifida. Dreams I have and hopes for a family… I may put a disclaimer on it, saying it’s really personal and reader discretion is advised…

      • If can be inappropriate a disclaimer is fine.. I just don’t want you to put out something you really don’t want to.. We are all looking forward to your post.. 🙂

      • I know what you mean, and actually writing may help me get some things out in the open. I’ve always heard you’re not supposed to keep emotions locked inside. Who knows, what I say may reach and help a lot of people with spina bifida or any disability… that’s what I want to create, a forum for people to comment and discuss things with me openly… But I understand what you’re saying.

        We actually had a meeting at work about two hours ago about controversial content and comments. I don’t think what I’m going to say is controversial by any means, but hopefully it’ll open some eyes about how I feel about some things. It’s always been a big dream of mine to start a family someday, and that’s what I’ll be discussing…

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