Too Much Experience, Too Little Space

I just wanted to stop by and throw a question at my readers and get your feedback on it before I left for work. I had a meeting yesterday and somewhere during the conversation, my supervisor said the project we’re working on would look great on our resumes. This got me to thinking about all of the things I’ve done while I’ve been with the city of Marietta.

The question I have for you guys is how often should I update the experience section of my resume? I haven’t updated my resume in years and my experience goes back to when I was a writer on my high school and college newspaper staffs, five to 10 years ago. Should I delete this and just focus on my experience with the city, or keep it in?

Also, how much of my experience should I put? I don’t really want to put every, single minor thing I’ve done, but want to focus on the highlights and major projects I’ve worked on.

I’ve always heard a resume should typically be one page and no more. I know my experience would take up a page and a half easy, if I put everything from high school, college and work. Where should I draw that line?



7 thoughts on “Too Much Experience, Too Little Space

  1. I think you have already pretty much answered your own question 🙂 You should update your resume regularly, at least once a year and obviously even more often if you are actively seeking a new job. And yes, it should focus on more recent experience and highlight major projects, with just brief reference to earlier stuff. Here in the UK we tend to go for 2 pages as an acceptable length, not sure if that would be too long in the US? Hope this helps 🙂 I also wrote a post about CV’s (as we call them in the UK) a while ago –

    • Thanks for the feedback Sharon. I may try some of this… I am by no means ready to leave my current job but wanted to make sure I kept things updated…

      Maybe I could put a bullet in that says previous experience available upon request… and by previous meaning high school and college?

    • Hey I read your post about WordPress and added an image to my sidebar… check it out. I may go home and change it tonight though… I want to mess around on the blog a lot this weekend…

  2. Try to stick to one page but mention briefly all that you can or maybe have the extras in bullet form to save on space but so that they are highlighted. It is difficult to cover everything but you should include as much as possible. Someone might disagree with me though and say just include what is relevant to today.

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