Beautiful Day

I know I’m behind on my posts, and I apologize. My supervisor was out the past week, and I had to hold things down at the office. Guess that’s what happens when people know they can trust you 😉

Anyway, today was one of the best days I’ve had in months, and I’m really feeling good. I’ve finally been able to put a big project to bed at work and, with the addition of my new seat cushion on my wheelchair, my body’s feeling better than it has in months. Nothing like getting a herd of elephants off your shoulders!!! Of course with spina bifida that could change any day. Muscle spasms in my legs, tummy aches that never end and the occasional back ache are enough to make me want to throw in the towel and throw my computer out the window. But with great friends, wonderful co-workers who support me when things get tough and a family who’s always there, I know I can kick anything in the butt.

I just hope Thursday’s prepared because if today was great, I have a feeling tomorrow’s going to be amazing. Later!!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. Great post Jason!!! This is what I want to see more of.. not the back ache and the pain issues but a glimpse of your day with spina bifida.. Hugs and Im glad the cushion is helping!!!

    • Hey Shauna, I’m sorry I am just now responding, but I’ve been taking it easy this week, and for some reason you wound up in the spam folder… not sure how that happened. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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