Caution: Jason’s Been Thinking

And I changed my mind about the book I’m thinking about writing. Oh, don’t worry I’m still going to write it, but I was lying in bed last night, staring at the ceiling, wishing I was on the lake and had an idea. I know, God forbid I actually get the idea when I’ve got pen and paper in hand. I’m the idiot who thinks of things in the strangest places…. it’s amazing the things I come up with sitting at the urinal taking care of business.

Get your minds out of the gutter and FOCUS!!! With all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately with my health (kidney infection, low iron and blood in my urine) and my amazing recovery, I’ve come up with a completely different title of the book and direction for the first chapter. I’ve also been inspired by a holiday Christians all over the world just celebrated, when Jesus Christ rose from the grave and came to live in the hearts of all believers.

I better stop now because if I say too much, like my last name will be part of the title, I’ll give everything away. You’re just going to have to wait and buy it at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million or Amazon in a couple years. All I can say is wait and see!!!


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