Snapped Like a Twig

Well, the last few days have been interesting to say the least. Sunday I went to take pictures at the Taste of Marietta, and it was like rush hour on Interstate 75 in Atlanta. Everybody left at the same time!!! There were about 80,000-90,000 people there and when you get that many people crammed in a city block, you might as well forget moving…

One disadvantage of being in a wheelchair is being so low to the ground and out of a regular person’s line of vision. I got bumped, hit and almost run over more times than I have fingers, and probably as a result, may have broken my left leg. It sticks out a few inches farther than my right one, and when people hit it I’m always afraid something like this will happen.

I was using the bathroom a couple hours ago and something told me to run my left hand down my leg, and sure enough I felt something peculiar. Right below my hip, there’s a little indention I don’t think is supposed to be there. I called dad and he came down to check me out. Then I rolled over to the fire department (good thing it’s right next door :)) and about three paramedics, the deputy chief and a couple others checked me out and pretty much confirmed what I already knew… We went to the doctor yesterday and told him what happened, and he didn’t act like anything was wrong and (here’s what kills me) didn’t even order an x-ray!!! Hell, common sense would’ve told me to at LEAST do that to rule out a break.

Left leg

So, long story short, I’m home all comfy waiting on the doctor to call dad back so we can go get some answers. Don’t worry, I’m paralyzed below the waist so I can’t feel anything to even know what’s wrong. I’m just going on with my life, like nothing happened, but I’m still concerned. Even with the swelling I know something’s not right. I’ll keep you posted.

Right leg


6 thoughts on “Snapped Like a Twig

    • You are SO incredibly sweet. I was there about six hours after you left, taking pictures of the fun. Hey, I’m a fighter Lorene, don’t you worry about me. I can’t feel anything like I mentioned so even if something is wrong I am not in any pain.

      Hey, maybe I need to practice that isolation where you hold the hoop in front of you and go left, then right….. smack a few people with a hula hoop maybe they’ll know I’m down there 😉

      You’re amazing and a truly great friend. Thank you for your support!!!

    • Thanks buddy!! I keep telling parents I am not in pain. The more they worry the more I worry. This ain’t nothin’ but a thang 😉 You just gotta keep rocking!!!

  1. Oh Jason. What a shame. I’m appalled that the doctor did not order an x-ray! What if something needs to be placed to heal correctly? I’m glad you are not feeling pain but that does not excuse it! Maybe he could tell by feel that it was not a displacement. Still, answers should be given and clear communication provided. Sheesh. Hope he calls back soon. And that is A LOT of people!

    • We were frustrated he didn’t order an x-ray Monday when we went, but he did order some for Wednesday morning. The dr. office called this morning to let us know it’s not broken or fractured. I’ve been really easy transferring to and from my wheeelchair. He did feel and rub my leg to see if anything was broken Monday, maybe he knew from feeling like you said that it wasn’t broken or displaced.

      Thanks so much for your concern. You’re really sweet. I can’t wait to check out your blog 😉

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