Right Place, Right Time

A couple weeks ago I got a comment from a reader who loves the fact that most of my pictures seem to be spontaneous. I hadn’t really thought about that, but in a big way she’s right. I just look for the perfect shot and sometimes they present themselves when I LEAST expect them. I’ve truly been amazed how great some of my pictures have turned out, especially this one I took yesterday at a lunchtime concert on the Square a couple blocks from my office. I was walking around taking pictures of the singer and the crowd when something told me to look across the Square. I saw this beautiful, blonde goddess working on her tan and grabbed the camera. The rest, as they say, is history.

If you like this one, stay tuned tomorrow. I got another one, that’s even better 😉


One thought on “Right Place, Right Time

  1. Wow! Great Photography and it was I who said you were spontaneous! I like the way you truly see women and even refer to her as “goddess.”
    It is as if you view women as priceless Peices of art. I for one admire that you truly “see” other people.


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