Comment Policy

As I’ve become a somewhat veteran blogger (I’ve been blogging for a little more than a year and a half), one thing I’ve noticed is the large amount of spam comments that are absolutely not related to the topic being discussed. I’ve really been thinking about writing a comment policy, but wasn’t sure how to write one, so I’ll just provide a few general guidelines about how comments will be moderated from here on out.

I really welcome comments to the blog because they will help me make “Jason’s Spina Bifida Journey” the best it can be, but there will be some times when I’ll have to delete or ban people from commenting in the future.

  • Commenters must use your real names.
  • Comments that include spam links or other keywords unrelated to the topic being discussed will be deleted without warning.
  • Comments must be related to the topic being discussed.
  • While I welcome differing opinions in the comments, one thing I absolutely will not tolerate is vulgar, obscene language or feedback that directly offends myself or another person on the blog. Commenters who defame or personally attack a person’s age, education, ethnicity, race, family status, gender, national origin, class, physical ability or qualities, religion or sexual orientation will be banned from commenting on future posts. Just like in life, I want everyone to feel comfortable and accepted when they take a walk on my journey, but we all have to get along, or you’ll be kicked off the bus.
  • Commenters must truthfully represent themselves and agree to not post vulgar or libelous feedback
  • Commenters must have a legitimate reason to comment, whether it’s to recommend a topic for me to discuss, providing constructive criticism or positive feedback on posts or to provide links to related information or topics.  
  • If I haven’t met you on Twitter or through friends on Twitter, you’ll be subject to being banned unless I feel your comments are relevant to the topic being discussed.
  • As the owner and creator of “Jason’s Spina Bifida Journey” I reserve the right to go back through my comment history and delete any comments I think violate this comment policy without notifying the person ahead of time. At the same time I reserve the right to delete such comments moving forward.

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