A Mother’s Letter

I received this in my e-mail about a year ago, and while it’s not from my mom, I get teary-eyed when I read it.

A Mother’s Letter

My mother wrote me a letter. This is it.


Resounding through the years is the voice of a teenager telling his mother, “One day I am going to make you proud.” Do you remember enrolling in Oglethorpe University for a chemistry class you needed to take while home for the summer from Eckerd College?

I remember you driving on campus to register as I was giving you facts of life on staying focused. I’m sure my tongue was razor sharp to cause you to say to me, “One day I am going to make you proud.”

Son, I’m here to tell you that the day you said it – I was proud of you then, but I could not let you know. I knew your potential, but I also knew you needed development. That was why I had to push and nudge you to stay focused.

You had a dream approximately 12 or 13 years ago, whereas you had to climb a steep mountain with a baby in your arms. There was an urgency to get the baby, unharmed, to the top of the mountain. The baby needed your protection. The struggle was hard and strenuous. You were wrenched in sweat as you climbed, but you made it as I was standing at the bottom of the mountain.

When I finished reading your book, “MountainWings Moments – Parables of Life,” I cried. In a moment’s reflection, the dream came alive.

This ministry is your baby that you had protected in the hands of God, and you had to carry it all the way to the top. You funded every dime alone to get it birthed, and oh, what a struggle you undertook. Today, you have one million subscribers making MountainWings.com the largest inspirational email ministry in the world.

I feel that the book is the baby manifestation, and at the end of the book, think it not strange but it was the birthing of a baby. That baby was “MountainWings.” It’s your baby! It was you and what you literally went through.

It was your mother’s prayers as to why I was at the bottom of the mountain to watch and pray God’s protection and guidance to get you to the top. Your dad wasn’t in the dream because he is not here in the physical to stand with me; that was why it was mother. Here almost ten years after your father’s transition is the manifestation of your dream.

Can you now put the pieces together? I can!

I remember how impacting the dream was to you, and we could not figure it out. It came alive at the finishing of the book. Surely you have made me proud. I’ve always known that you had a massive mind from a small boy. You were different even as a child.

I am seeing your prophetic gift that I saw when you were four and a half years old unfold as you are now in the role of a pastor.

Photo courtesy cynthia-thomas.com

Am I proud of you?

You bet I am!

You have always had a heart of gold. Just your heart could make me cry. You stunned me when I found you as a teenager tithing in church. Your giving almost equaled daddy’s and mine. That sent a shock wave through me. You tithed to your brother, Dale, when he was teaching in the home. You tithed to Helping Hands when you attended there for a season. Can’t you see the seeds you have in the ground? Just from tithing alone you have obeyed God; this has nothing to do with your offerings, alms and helps to countless people we know not of. You have done it God’s way by not letting your left hand know what your right hand was doing, for in due season you will reap if you faint not.

God has blessed you :

1. God has prospered you in your family; a beautiful and loving wife with three gifted sons.

2. God has prospered you in your own business, Century Systems.

3. God has prospered you at Bronner Bros. Co. As head of the manufacturing department, you sought God in search of the new 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant, and it was granted to you at the right price that God gave you to bid; not one penny more and not one penny less.

4. God has prospered you in real estate.

5. God has prospered you in MountainWings.

6. God has prospered you in the book, and the manifestation is coming.

7. God is prospering you at the Ark of Salvation as you have served as pastor for three years without a salary.

What kind of mother would not be proud of that kind of son? Not to count the seeds sown in TV land, launching Word of Faith, the Ark of Salvation, and now MountainWings; you are doing what God commissioned.

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations…Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

I remember the time I went through a rough wave in my marriage, and you noted the affect it had upon me. That Christmas you went out and bought me a beautiful white fox jacket. Wow, what a gift! That brightened up my Christmas and my marriage.

Son, who are you? You did these things before you were married. Talking about angels unaware. Certainly, you are one!

Sometimes you need to just hear how you have impacted ONE LIFE, and one life leads to another life and so on. Countless others have this same “spirit of helps” testimony. I know all your brothers do. I know what you have financially given to them, and I want to just say “thank you” for being the big brother that you are.

“Thank you” for a heart after God, and I’ve known it all of your life.

God let me know you were different, your ministry would be different, people would not understand, but you are different, and God made you that way.

Leap for joy!

As I bring this letter to a close, I’ve found written in the back on my old Bible dated 1-30-1992, things spoken concerning Nathaniel Jr. through my prayer partner Ann Mitchell.

“Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard. I haven’t even begun to come forth in him. Many will be amazed and stunned at the things that will come from his mind. I shall reveal many things that the world can’t understand. You shall see for the time is not now. I will open up greater things. You cannot understand now for I’ve stripped him naked, and there is a newness that you shall see, even in his face – as I cleanse his face, there is a newness of skin coming upon his face. I will make it a light that men and women will see. He will be light shining in dark places. He is my son, I have chosen him even from the womb. When he comes forth, they shall know that I have sent him – the healing, the knowledge, the understanding. Things spoken to Moses, I speak to him. Light at the end of the tunnel; things will be revealed in time says the spirit of the Lord.”

Amen and Amen!

I love you and appreciate you. “Go to your destiny!”

Mother 1-26-03


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