Hi guys, I hope you have a chance to visit my good friends at goodboyroy.com. They’re amazing!!!

GoodBoyRoy's Blog

People ask, so I am telling, what is Good Boy Roy?

A new Dog food??? No

A dog training program?? No

Millions of families and children live as we do…in a life and home ruled by mental illness. We know the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and searching for answers. For us, that is our son, Zack, now 17. Zack IS Good Boy Roy, the business and the brand. We are sharing our story through the designs and characters of the Good Boy Roy line. It is more than fun t-shirts, it is more than cute characters.

It is about hope, faith, love, determination and overcoming.

Find your gift, follow your dream. Never loose Hope



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  1. The Journey is a Spina Bifida Resource blog created to educate, inspire and encourage families who live with Spina Bifida or are just learning about SB for the first time. It is made up of many contributors and even more followers who seek to share their experiences and support each other in this journey we are on.

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