Your Story Matters…Really!

When I first shared my story a few years ago, I did so because I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and told my life would not last long. I wanted to share my story, what I had experienced and how I became who I was, with my children. I never intended to share my personal life publicly. The biggest reason was because I did not feel my story would matter to others.

After being encouraged by friends, I shared my story with others. Since sharing my story and creating a platform to help others learn from and share their own story, I have discovered just how powerful each of our stories are! Our stories are filled with wisdom and golden nuggets of truths that can help not only ourselves but those around us to thrive.

When others began to tell me that my story encouraged and inspired them I felt greatly humbled. At the same time, I realized that all I had been through was for a purpose. Part of that purpose was to grow me and help me become who I am and part was to share what I had learned to help others.

As I have interviewed others about their stories and shared those stories, I have seen again and again the power in sharing our stories to encourage and inspire each other! People need to know that others have endured similar or the same tragedies and challenges. People need to hear about how someone overcame their obstacles, including those who have found their purpose in learning from their story like I have.

Over time I have been asked how one should go about sharing their story, why one should share their story and how to share a story that doesn’t always reflect well on others. These are all good questions! I set out to answer them in my new book
“Your Story Matters, You Matter: A Guide to Healing, Learning From and Sharing Your Story.”

The book is an account of my journey in sharing my and other stories. It contains several open-ended questions for the reader to ponder their own story and begin to unravel the meaning and to learn from their story. The finale of the book is a step-by-step guide to creating a vision board, which is a creative project to visualize your hopes, dreams and future based on your story!

Your story matters~you matter…learn from and tell your story!

You can buy your copy at Amazon.

The book is also great to use with your book club or small group! You can get a discount for orders of six or more by inquiring at using the contact form.

About Angela Schaefers

Angela Schaefers is an inspirational speaker, freelance writer and producer and host of  “Your Story Matters” show.

Angela speaks and shares her story of hope and faith to overcome tragedies since childhood, facing stage IV cancer and more to discovering her own life purpose. She is a keynote for organizations and effectively shares the message within their story.

Angela blogs and writes various articles. She writes about professional networking, inspiration and her life experiences, including what she has learned from them to encourage others to learn from their experiences (story). Angela wrote her memoir “Grief to Grace” and recently published her book “Your Story Matters, You Matter: A Guide to Healing, Learning From and Sharing Your Story.” She is completing her next two books “Cancer Doesn’t Come Wrapped In A Pretty Ribbon” and “More Grace.”

Angela interviews people around the globe to share their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and living life purposefully. She also shares story about various non-profits that are creating change locally and globally.

Angela holds a bachelor of arts degree in organizational management and a master of arts degree in counseling. She has previously counseled families, couples, children and individuals, has provided career coaching and has trained and worked as a chaplain.

Angela has three children and is a mimi (grandmother) to one. She enjoys outdoor activities including biking, hiking, kayaking and being at the beach, loves tea time and savors a break to the spa.


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