To Jesus From Santa

I was driving to work this morning and heard this on the Moby in the Morning radio show. I wanted to share it with my readers to remind them that Christmas is more than a guy in a red suit delivering toys to kids worldwide. It’s about a man who was persecuted and shed His precious blood to wipe away our sins. I just want to thank Christ for coming into my life and saving me from my sins. Lord knows I’ve had my share…

Dear Tiny Savior,

I kneel before you now to adore you as my King
If only people knew that you are everything.
They could truly feel a peace deep inside their soul
Instead of feeling frantic as this season takes its toll.
I wish that people knew You’re the one Who should come first
That Christmas came alive from Your humble birth.
Sometimes I feel ashamed that I am placed above
Your amazing gift for all, Your present wrapped in love.
Of course I want to celebrate and join in all the fun,
But I want these folks to understand the meaning of God’s Son.
I deliver loads of presents with my reindeer and my sleigh,
But You deliver people and freely give away
You love, grace, and mercy best gifts underneath the tree
And free for all who take them, starting with me.

Love always,



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