Angels Among Us

About a year ago, I featured the inspiring video and story about Becky Kelley’s “Where’s the Line to See Jesus.” A couple weeks ago I found out that she recorded a new song, “Send An Angel,” and Becky was gracious enough to share with me how the song came about and what the holidays mean to her. I hope everyone who reads this and listens to the video are inspired as much as I am. Welcome Becky, and thank you for sharing your amazing story and voice with us. 

I actually started this song almost seven or eight years ago. It was inspired by my friend who lost her mom at the age of 12 because of cancer. I don’t know what made me think of that to write about, but I had the chorus for years. Finally a few years ago, I came up with some verses and a tune for them that I liked, which for some reason is hard to do sometimes. 

beckyThe first verse is a true story about her mom dying, and the second verse I wanted to reach out to another group of girls (teen moms) and try to connect with them on where they are. Overall, I really just want to inspire anyone and everyone on where they are at in life to hold on for HOPE. We all hear stories about horrible things that people go through, and if this song helps someone get through their day, week, month, or year holding out for hope, then awesome.  I’ve already received messages from women saying how much “Send an Angel” has helped them deal with what they are currently experiencing in life. I want people to KNOW there is a God who is listening. The chorus and bridge are actually a prayer… “Could you send her an angel or two? She’s been dealt a rough hand and doesn’t know what to do.” Bridge: “Wrap your arms around her, fill her soul with love. Let her feel the hope that comes from above.” When we had to decide on which song to choose for a video off of my new album, I knew already. This one reaches people at the heart, and that’s what I want to be about. 

The holidays, for me, mean time with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus! We talk about Christmas being a birthday party for Jesus around our house 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

Check out Becky’s website, become her fan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


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