2012’s Most-Viewed Stories

As we come to the close of another year, I’m reminded of the many blessings I’ve received this year: a wonderful job with amazing co-workers, a great family that’s always standing beside me no matter what we’re going through, wonderful friends who always ask how I’m doing and look out for my well-being and make sure I’m taking care of my health, and the greatest blessing of all: a loving, forgiving Savior, Who always takes care of my every need and never fails to embrace me with His grace and mercy and ensures that evil will never penetrate my life or my soul. For these things I’ll be forever grateful, for they are the reasons I get up every day and keep fighting and struggling to survive even when my spirit is dwindling under the every day pressures of life with a disability.

I’m also thankful for the response my blog has received this year and the number of people who have taken the time to read and respond to my posts and subscribe to my feed. I can never thank my readers enough for taking a few minutes out of your busy day and reading my blog. I can only hope that my posts have given you a new perspective on life and helped you realize that we can all do anything we set our minds to, if we just put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and leave it to Him to take care of our problems. There’s no doubt that I’m here today because I’ve put my life in His hands and don’t worry so much about the little things over which I have no control.

IMG_1362As we close 2012, I’m proud to reveal my top 10 posts of the year, based on reader response and comments. Thank you for believing in me!!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. I’ll see you in January, and I promise I’ll try to do better and try to post regularly, instead of once a month….

If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter, and tell your friends about my blog and encourage them to sign up to get my posts. You’ll be glad you did, trust me 😉


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