Put Yourself in My Wheels

Sorry if this offends some people but I witnessed something this morning that really ticked me off and almost caused me to make a scene at work. I’d just gotten to work and was getting ready to pull in the handicapped parking spot I usually get, but somebody was parked in it.

Now, usually when something like this happens, I’ll check for a handicapped permit or license plate so I can write their tag number down and give it to a police officer, but this morning was different…. This woman (and I use that term VERY lightly) was SITTING in her minivan WAITING on somebody to come back out!!! Really? REALLY?!?!

There were 20-25 regular parking spaces that were empty but this $H*C# was sitting in a handicapped parking space reserved for people like me who NEED the spaces. It was raining and I got damp, thankfully it wasn’t a monsoon or I would’ve had to run home and change, and I don’t have two hours to spend running up and down the road because somebody only cares about #1 and doesn’t care who she’s taking advantage of.

IMG_7176You know I wish some people would just show a little damn respect and think about the rest of us who have to park in a handicapped space to let our lifts down so we can go to work or wherever else we need to go. We are people too by God and it’s high time I took a stand and let people know that this kind of disrespect and abuse will stop.

I bet she would have raised T-total hell if she was the one in a wheelchair and I parked there and just sat there reading a damn book or took a nap while she figured out how she was going to get out……….. and you know what, I would’ve just sat there and not moved just to prove how hard it is on some of us who have to survive every day in a wheelchair while the rest of society passes us by and looks down their noses at us.

Author’s note: I just want to say how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to work in a place where my co-workers respect me and are willing to do whatever they can to help me when I need it. I will never, ever be able to thank my friends and co-workers for showing me the respect and giving me every opportunity to succeed. I just hope I can continue to do a good job.


One thought on “Put Yourself in My Wheels

  1. I think it’s disgusting when people are so selfish, lazy and narrow minded like that. I read a similar article a long time ago about a man whose daughter was disabled and because his daughter was already in the store and someone thought he was abusing the spot (and this person wasn’t disabled-they just wanted to use the spot for their own convenience), began a fight with him in the parking lot. When the daughter wheeled herself out with his wife, the belligerent person turned 5 different shades of red. The same goes for people who abuse the ‘expectant mother’ spots. I remember being very pregnant (and with severe Scoliosis) and seeing non-pregnant, able bodied people using the spots, and I’d have to waddle my way to the entrance, nearly going into labour, while the person sat there having a cigarette or drinking coffee. Karma is all I can say…..they’ll get their just desserts some day.

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