Love Knows No Boundaries

Sometimes I’ll get a story in my e-mail, whether it’s inspirational, funny, serious or whatever, but most of them have a great moral lesson that can be applied to almost any situation. I got the following story from my dear friend Sandy Appleyard, whom I met on Twitter. She’s an amazing, beautiful, inspiring woman who’s overcome so much and has become a very successful writer, with six books published and more in the works. Thank you, Sandy, for inspiring us all with this story. I love and respect you more than you know.

A dear friend of mine told me this story once. I’ll try to remember it as best as I can.

A young couple married right before a war began. He was drafted and forced to leave his new wife just days after tying the knot. She wrote him every day, and he replied as often as he could. Every night he would pull his only picture of her out of his sack and kiss it, promising he would one day return to her. 

Time passed, and they continued to miss one another, holding on to the memories of their first few days together as husband and wife. She dreamed of the day they would reunite, hoping and praying every day that he would come home safe. 

That day finally came. When he walked in the door, tears of joy filled their faces as they ran to embrace each other. They kissed and made love for days, without so much as leaving the house. They were never so happy.

Sadly, she had to return to work, and he reluctantly let her go. Her independence was very important to her. As she boarded the bus, he blew her a kiss, and she gratefully accepted.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Months passed, and she became ill. It wasn’t life threatening thankfully, but soon she would lose her sight completely. She and her husband argued incessantly; he wanted her to quit working. As I said before, her independence was very important to her, and someone had to work. The economy had suffered from the war, and very little jobs were available. She had to keep her’s or they would lose everything. They were so broke, he still wore his army uniform, and she dressed in rags.

He feared for her safety, a bus was no place for the blind. But she argued that she was a grown woman and managed to take care of herself the whole time he was away. As much as he loved her, he couldn’t see her unhappy and they’d worked so hard for what they had, so he relented.

More months passed, and they remained a strong and loving couple despite their financial woes. She adjusted well to her dark world, knowing she could still hear his voice, feel his warm skin against her’s, but most of all she could still feel his deep unconditional love for her. 

He died suddenly one day, and she never felt so much pain in her life. Even going blind was nothing by comparison. She would rather have lost her sight a thousand times than lose him. 

When she finally found the strength to return to work, she boarded the bus and sat in her usual spot. Tears still flooded her eyes, and she was thankful she couldn’t see the concerned faces of fellow passengers. 

As she approached the exit stairs, the bus driver gently took her arm. She turned to face him with her red rimmed eyes, hoping she wouldn’t trip. 

He looked at her and asked, “Where’s your friend?”

She looked at him with furrowed brows and shook her head, dabbing her eyes. “What friend?”

“That young soldier. Every morning, for as long as I can remember, he always sat beside you. He never left your side and never spoke a word. When you got off the bus, he followed you. What became of him?”

She was so overcome with emotion, the bus driver had to direct her to the nearest seat. 

Love knows no boundaries.

IMG_3226About Sandy Appleyard

Sandy is from Niagara Falls, Canada and loves reading, physical fitness, animals and, of course, writing. I’ve written six books, self-published four of them. My first two books are memoirs. “The Message in Dad’s Bottle” is about the struggles I experienced while living with an alcoholic father. “I’ll Never Wear a Backless Dress” is about my life with severe bilateral Scoliosis. My third book, “Blessed and Betrayed,” is my debut romantic mystery and my fourth, “Social Media Tips and More Learned by Mistake,” is a self-help book geared towards new writers. 

Check out and buy “The Message in Dad’s Bottle,” “I’ll Never Wear a Backless Dress” and “Blessed and Betrayed” on Amazon, and “Social Media Tips and More Learned By Mistake” on Smashwords.


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