Through Storms

Welcome to the second installment of the series by Cindy Hanson. This story is told in Wavie’s words starting with this excerpt from her book’s introduction.

Even before my birth, God designed a plan for my life. He precisely cut the puzzle shapes and pieces, so they fit correctly into my life. He guided my path even as my own ideas, a product of my “free will,” took shape. He mapped it out selecting a good route for me to take because the Father knows best.  

All the time, the pieces to my life’s puzzle arrived in predestined time and order…. 

resized_wavieBefore my near fatal car accident, I thought my life contained all the good things that God wanted and provided for me. My marriage was strong (even after enduring the accident’s fallout). My life was filled with two loving, beautiful girls and a baby on the way. Church and God were traditionally attended giving me the delusion that my life could not get any better than the moments before the collision. In that moment, in that car accident, and during that storm-I learned about the incompleteness of my life and to totally rely on God’s better judgment because His plan arrives perfect, with all the puzzle pieces set to fall into place. However, if I used my will rearranging parts of the design, my soul discovered nothing fit right. 

Eventually, as I messed up, my spirit gave in to the Creator’s Will. When my logic let go of the reins, God reigned fairly. From the beginning events, a task seemed more bearable with His guidance. God never guaranteed a life without heartache; He did promise assistance from His Holy Spirit, the Comforter. God is with me and you in all circumstances. It’s like the poem Footprints says-it is when hard times hit and your soul falters that God picks you up and carries you to the next destination on the road of life.

Meanwhile, the more you go through in life, the more you mature and grow in faith. As this book reveals, I trust and believe in Jesus now more than ever. Even though before my car crash, my spirit was God-fearing, my soul had stalled satisfied in the delusion or idea that I had it all. With my logic, my being thought my life blossomed perfectly through my career, husband, children, family and church life. After the vehicle mishap, my mind realized the only perfect thing in my life was God. My reliance centered on Him rather than humans in my circle after this life-changing event. Plus, people make mistakes letting you down but the Master never fails to provide.

You may ask me for anything in My Name, and I will do it. (John 14:14)

When life throws you a curve ball such as my near fatal auto accident, one thing is guaranteed through faith, and it is that God will help you through any tragedy… 

…If we pay attention to our Creator, He can make good things happen in our lives even through adverse times….

As I tell people, my accident is the best thing that ever happened to me. Either they can continue giving me a puzzled look or find out how the pieces fit together perfectly in His plan. Read this book and find out how tragedy turns into a divine design!

One of the miracles of Wavie’s recovery from a car accident that required the Jaws of Life to free her and left her in a 14-day coma as well as unable to walk follows.

This excerpt is from the chapter entitled “Doctor’s Prayers Answered.”

The premise of this section is: The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down. (Psalm 145:14)

During her (14-day) coma, she witnessed a doctor praying. He knew the extent of her injuries. The man realized the precarious situation of her healing verses the life of her unborn child. This human asked God for guidance and help. The Lord Jesus answered- freely; the response arrived, “Yes, I will help you through this and any situation.”

After the car wreck, Wavie sometimes guided her hospital care. She faced multiple surgeries and tons of therapy, but her good attitude never wavered. Nothing, not even the thought of 100 days in a hospital, got her down. Nevertheless, feeling that modern medicine might be inhibiting her full recovery, she went with her gut and spirit deciding to curtail some of her pain medication. When she asked for less medical intervention, her focus changed. Her whole perspective changed! The lady looked to the end of her body’s throbbing and suffering instead of concentrating on her current state.   

Meanwhile, the doctors felt their hands tied because they could not operate freely on her because of her unborn daughter. In the aftermath of the near fatal accident, her physicians could not simply focus on getting her well because her surgeries had to be spaced out to protect the fetus. Plus, some alternatives to highly sedated operations must be found in order to protect the life growing within her womb. One day, her doctor trusted in prayer and this patient’s good attitude as he scheduled an alternative to a full out restorative procedure on one of her limbs.

e-wavie-cover-11 001“I want to fix the gaping hole in your leg,” he bowed the same way he did in prayer while this patient laid unconsciousness days earlier. “I cannot give you more anesthesia because of your condition.” 

Wavie understood the severity of her lesion while wondering what the procedure entailed. As they stared at her wounded body, the image of missing chunks of tissue greeted them unpleasantly. The leg did not contain enough tissue or outer skin to simply press and pull to stitch it closed. He tugged at her remaining skin to demonstrate just how bad the hole in her limb looked. On top of the opening, that body part already housed metal pins and drainage tubes from previous procedures.  However, the stench at the sight warned of pending bacterial invasions that might claim the leg if left in its open state. She remembered this smell that greeted her nose during her twilight state; her heart knew the area needed major healing. The procedure discussed already felt overdue. 

This doctor did not leave her in the dark about her situation and the pending operation for long. “I need to graft a part of your buttocks to the hole in your leg tomorrow. During the procedure, I will give you a local painkiller because I cannot put you completely under.”

After exiting the coma, this pending operation was the only time that Wavie ever felt apprehensive. She worried with prayer all night. If she balked at the doctor’s idea, infection might set in. Her wound needed to heal so that her leg could remain a part of her body.  After her mediation on the consequences of resisting this surgery, worry set in. What would the next day bring?

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him. (Matthew 6:8)

After realizing her full healing remained out of her control, she allowed God to whisper in her ear guiding her thoughts and prayers. As she contemplated the next day getting very little rest, she relived the man’s visits. She remembered a doctor praying with her the day he visited her comatose bedside. Suddenly, she envisioned the healing her physician asked from God. Her highly agitated soul settled into the Supernatural Being’s goal for her recovery. 

The next day, when her physician arrived to prepare her for the procedure to repair the damaged tissue in that leg, he pulled her limb into view. Simultaneously, shock and amazement filled their souls and the room. The Lord recovered her tissue during the night, and there remained only a small hole where the drainage tube and metal bracing holding her broken leg resided on this once, more fully mangled appendage. That day, one of many miracles met their eyes and blended into their hearts as well as this testimony. God stayed with her just as He guaranteed in His whispers throughout this whole ordeal. His promises healed her painful situation faster than the medicine or man!  

While the faithful such as Wavie believe everlasting, those struggling with the reason bad things happen need to see legs heal and other mending wonders to widen their faith.   Many humans need clearer signs of God’s love; that is why this and other miracles occurred in Wavie’s religious story. These types of phenomena happen to help those on the perimeter feel a part of the circle of God’s loving arms. These events change outlooks; sometimes they help the victim. At other times, they encourage those nearby. When communicated orally or in a book, these testimonies give many new insights into God’s deep and eternal love for all mankind.

Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders, Jesus told him, you will never believe. (John 4:48) 

Wavie still had to suffer her body’s situation, which changed her perspectives; she became more dependent on Him than ever before. 

Among other things, Wavie still had bones to mend, surgeries to endure, a baby on the way, to learn to walk-again-and a witness (book) to write. Find out more about her recovery as well as her Divine guidance in Through the Storms HE Performs (Subtitle: Learning to Trust and Believe in JESUS).

Cruise2012 001About Cindy Hanson

I work for GOD! Is she crazy or telling the truth? What I mean to say is that I write many nonfiction books that are really just scribing the history of His stories. My tales are Christian-based; at least one of those books points directly to heaven. Most of the time, I explain how bad situations and good ones have the potential to bring hope and love along with stronger faith.

My writing started after a major life change or trauma. In fact, my favorite question during book interviews is: How did you get started writing? The short answer is that in 1991 my mother died. Some people dream of being authors; my writing began as what could be described as a nightmare! However, as she died, mom experienced what would be called a Christian near death experience (NDE) or miracle. My nonfiction witness became Mom’s on the Roof, and I Can’t Get Her Down by Cynthia Meyers-Hanson.

Since then, I diversified into the other books and genres; I continue to toy with writing. I’ve co-authored or compiled several other divine tales. Meanwhile, I have ghostwritten many novels under the pen name Sydney S. Song. I use a pseudonym so that people know when my books are telling the truth and when I am fibbing (a bit). Recently, I’ve produced many picture books for children. I also compile collections and anthologies filled with true short stories from the Divine to mundane including humorous tales.

In real life, I’m a friendly Floridian, born and raised in Miami’s megalopolis. I currently live a bit further north with my husband. We are semi-retired. Our children are out of the house; some are married with their own children. We love outdoor activities such as boating and swimming at the pool, springs or beach.

My author site on Amazon includes my paperbacks and Kindles.

My other author site includes sections for my book genres as well as a blog and video section (the videos are mini movies as book trailers). This site also has my contact information.

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