The Presence, The Presents

Welcome to the third installment of the series by Cindy Hanson. This story is about how a wonderful woman survived the heart attack, with some Divine intervention. If you don’t believe in God, this story will definitely change your mind.

Anne is almost 81 and has had many setbacks including since Mother’s Day 2012 when she suffered a heart attack and had stints put in. She’s had so many comebacks after health problems such as cancer, strokes and a potential bleed out that those close to her expected her miracles healings to continue. However, Anne has been having trouble learning to walk and transfer herself from a bed to a wheelchair, so she faces permanent care in a nursing home.

Have the Divine interventions stopped? Her current situation reminds me of Lazarus, the guy Jesus brought back to life. Lazarus eventually died; Jesus Christ’s miracle of awakening that man from the dead served a purpose but all mortals eventually die in the flesh. It’s inevitable.

Before Anne goes she’d want to tell you a few things. This blog will serve as her voice.

When speaking about faith and survival, so many people respond, “I just DO NOT believe!” or “I certainly DO NOT want to hear your testimony!” They may even jest about Bible thumping or ask for proof before accepting a religious belief-especially “a certainty in the afterlife.” Trust me, having faith helped me survive so many things; in some ways, that is enough in my life. Except, I do expect more, “in the eternity,” after I die and go to Heaven. Even if I am wrong, my viewpoint gave me the will to go forward especially through the roughest times. Plus, unlike some people, I never felt alone in the tragedies or good moments. A comforting, positive, healing “presence” guided me.

Betty_scanThe good sisters of Notre Dame told their students, including me, all about our guardian angels and the Holy Spirit. These spiritual beings are ALWAYS WITH US especially WHEN WE NEED THEM THE MOST!  By that, I mean that they are ever-present but make themselves better known when their human counterpart needs comforting or aid. Ever since learning about this special relationship, when I sense that someone stands nearby but no humans are present, when I feel a “PRESENCE” of some sort (God) especially during a traumatic situation-my soul reminds me that my guardian angel as well as our Maker remains within reach helping me keep from stumbling on the current rough patch in my life’s path. This Being guides my soul. This idea comforts me, and I wonder why everyone cannot accept such a spiritual blessing as never feeling lonely or alone in their turmoil.

Feeling this warmth and love many times, knowing my body experienced spontaneous healings on many occasions as well, I believe in a supreme plan and an unseen force, God, available to direct us on this path of life. The ultimate designer of things in this world is always available to pick the spirit up and calm the soul down. After you finish my life account, you can decide for yourself.

Regardless of your opinion, it is comforting to possess my outlook. When I find myself in times of trouble, seeking words of wisdom, my spirit relies on the spiritual leader that speaks to my soul while guiding my flesh! The comforter, the Holy Spirit, His angels, and the mercy of God push me through and past the ordeal. No one knows for sure what lies ahead or after this world’s life but my gut feels that my destiny is Heaven.


The storyteller

Elizabeth Anne Powalisz

AKA- birth name- Anne LaMonte

An excerpt from her book and testimony follows; it’s about faith healing!

Even though, the time of day made it April Fool’s Day, the doctor looked her straight in her eye saying, “If we can’t stop your bleeding, you will be dead by the end of the day!”  The announcement was not followed by laughter and a clever line about how this hospital visit was all just a bad joke. That would not be funny, anyway! Unbelievable thoughts raced through her mind as Anne heard, “This fever must break before you can receive a blood transfusion. Without it, there is not much hope!”

This news shook Anne to her soul. She finally heard that her bruising indicated internal bleeding that might kill her. When lunch arrived, she nibbled not feeling any urge to eat. She felt some contentment but she could not rest or sleep, either-not right away.

About three in the afternoon, two women from her church came in and gave her communion. They asked Anne to pray with them, which she did. All of the sudden, tears rolled down the patient’s cheeks. She sobbed as they continued praising. Soon, she heard Father Joe’s shuffle coming down the hallway.

The two women greeted this priest at the door informing him, “Our sister in Christ is crying but we do not know why!”

He entered the room as the two women left. Anne failed to speak because of her emotional state. Without delay, the priest started anointing this sick parishioner. As his healing hands moved over Anne’s forehead, again, with God as her witness, her body felt on fire. The tears really flowed through the prayers of this man. Without uttering a word, she remained mystified as he finished his sacramental blessing then left her hospital room.

Near the end of his blessing, she stopped crying. Anne felt a comforting “presence.” It lulled her into very sound sleep.

She failed to awaken for supper. After midnight, as the night nurse took her vitals, Anne finally spoke asking the woman, “Can you change this bedding and my gown? I am soaking wet!”

PersoninPresence_cover 001Her nurse recognized her, “I remember you from September of last year. I remember your heart’s irregularities spontaneously healed last time you visited us.” Then, she helped change this patient as well as the sheets. As she finished her tasks, the lady added, “I believe you broke that fever. I can call the lab technician to draw your blood.  You may be well enough for that transfusion but the blood count will be studied before that procedure. I have a good feeling about your blood work.”

This nurse winked at Anne because this medical worker believed that her patient received blessings and presents of healing from a Supreme Source.

Anne felt very comfortable falling easily back to sleep. About four in the morning, she heard a male voice calling her out of slumber. The face of her technician became less blurry as she opened her eyes. Another familiar face; he drew her blood in September.

“Mrs. LaMonte?” He looked shocked and amazed to see her back.

“Jock, is that you?”

He asked, “How do you know my name?”

Anne answered, “When someone is as patient as you trying to find veins, your attitude remains a great memory especially when you had to use one directly connected to my heart. When you mentioned that only a few people are permitted to use that vein, how could I forget you and your gentleness?”

So you remember me?”

Yes, you introduced yourself by name back then. You are from Jamaica, right?” He shook his head smiling while completing his current task.

About a half hour later, the night nurse returned with a huge smile, “Just as I suspected! Your internal bleeding stopped; your blood count is back to normal. There is NO reason for a blood transfusion!”

This woman shared the secret of this healing with Anne but soon others would hear the good news-the God news.

After hearing the test results, Anne let out a sigh of relief falling back to sleep while feeling very content! Voices interrupted her rest. While making rounds with the entourage, the mentoring physician reviewed her blood results. As she remained drowsy, he listened to her heart. He announced to the interns, “This patient arrived with internal bleeding because of unmonitored Coumadin. For some unexplained reason, her bleeding stopped when her fever broke. A technician drew blood a couple of hours ago; her blood count returned to completely standard range. A scheduled blood transfusion became unnecessary.”

Pleasantly pleased, these resident interns and their mentor talked very softly among themselves while shooting strange looks Anne’s direction.

Did her spontaneous healing stump them? 

She heard versions of mind over body, power of positive thinking over healing, and some blessing and thanking of God’s redeeming power. Before she fully assessed the outcome and affect on these medical people, they all moved on to their next patient.

Anne felt just as amazed and astounded. She sincerely believed that she-once again- witnessed the faith driven power of healing. She firmly believed that her reliance on God and His angels brought this supernatural cure. In her opinion, His angels sustained her as His priest bestowed The Lord’s therapeutic force upon her ailing body during the sacrament performed. 

“To have the supernatural world pick you up once you have fallen is the greatest feeling; everyone should be blessed with this experience!” Anne spoke these words often after her second, miracle cure-if you don’t count the natural ones from medication after her breast cancer, which would place this count at four including her resulting staph infection. She wondered if there might be a limit to how many times God presents the gift of healing to one soul. She felt remarkably blessed. Her spirit praised God for sending the priest, twice, with His gift of renewed health.

Soon after these curative experiences, Father Joe’s advanced age and his illnesses got the best of him. The priest returned to his Connecticut seminary. There, he died. She wondered if this soul knew what a special talent and privilege he was to Anne’s world.

Father Joe was a faith healer and tool or vessel used by God to get the job done. You can find the full story in Anne’s book entitled The PRESENCE-The Presents. The book and eBook version are available at Amazon and Kindle as well as Smashwords and its affiliates Kobo, Sony, and Barnes and Noble.

Cruise2012 001About Cindy Hanson

I work for GOD! Is she crazy or telling the truth? What I mean to say is that I write many nonfiction books that are really just scribing the history of His stories. My tales are Christian-based; at least one of those books points directly to heaven. Most of the time, I explain how bad situations and good ones have the potential to bring hope and love along with stronger faith.

My writing started after a major life change or trauma. In fact, my favorite question during book interviews is: How did you get started writing? The short answer is that in 1991 my mother died. Some people dream of being authors; my writing began as what could be described as a nightmare! However, as she died, mom experienced what would be called a Christian near death experience (NDE) or miracle. My nonfiction witness became Mom’s on the Roof, and I Can’t Get Her Down by Cynthia Meyers-Hanson.

Since then, I diversified into the other books and genres; I continue to toy with writing. I’ve co-authored or compiled several other divine tales. Meanwhile, I have ghostwritten many novels under the pen name Sydney S. Song. I use a pseudonym so that people know when my books are telling the truth and when I am fibbing (a bit). Recently, I’ve produced many picture books for children. I also compile collections and anthologies filled with true short stories from the Divine to mundane including humorous tales.

In real life, I’m a friendly Floridian, born and raised in Miami’s megalopolis. I currently live a bit further north with my husband. We are semi-retired. Our children are out of the house; some are married with their own children. We love outdoor activities such as boating and swimming at the pool, springs or beach.

My author site on Amazon includes my paperbacks and Kindles.

My other author site includes sections for my book genres as well as a blog and video section (the videos are mini movies as book trailers). This site also has my contact information.

Smashwords includes all other e-book providers and formats used for my books including Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, etc.

Check out my other blog on Blogspot.

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