Is a Monster Lurking in the Black Woods?

If you’ve been following and reading the blog the past year or so, you’ll know I have a soft spot for authors, especially indie authors. I love reading and helping authors get their name out there, and it’s my honor and pleasure to present Laura Wright LaRoche’s new book, Black Woods Revealed. If you remember I had Laura on the blog last summer, discussing the writing process, her advice for writers, and where she gets ideas and inspiration for her stories. Please help me in welcoming Laura back to the blog. It’s great seeing you again Laura.

 black woods revealed RESIZEDExplore another tale of the Black Woods in Black Woods Revealed.


The fierce creature lurking in the woods now has a buddy in the lake. Laura has visions of disastrous events. In order to help find out if what Laura is envisioning is true, Julie and Laura team up with a reporter named Beth, who specializes in historical facts and myths. The three of them dive into the past to see what is hiding as they search for answers to the Black Woods mystery. In a race against time, they try to find closure to the killings that have occurred. Can the disasters be stopped before anyone else dies? How is the creature in the Black Woods connected to the monster in the lake? Find out, in Black Woods Revealed!


The storm blew evil across the land, causing a fishing boat to capsize, and it floated helplessly around on a large lake. Rain poured steadily, making visibility limited. A crack of thunder sounded, followed by lightning that illuminated the dark sky. The surrounding woods glistened as if a fairy had sprinkled dust. Beautiful, for one brief second, then eerily dark once again. Waves smacked into the boat, banging loudly like a bass drum. Pelting rain bounced on the lake surface, steadily raising the water level. Thunder rolled for miles before exploding above.

Husband and wife held onto the boat. Invincibility was only a myth while they struggled for their lives. They were beginning to lose their grip on the cold metal boat as their muscles weakened against the fight. Their voices were hoarse from screaming for help.

Hopelessly, they stared at one another.


Something large broke the lake’s surface.

The frightened couple held on desperately to their upturned boat, startled by a sound louder than the storm. Looking for the source was impossible, as they barely could see one another.

“I love you,” Amy moved her lips, hoping her husband understood.

“I love you too,” Victor mouthed in reply.

The boat had capsized over thirty minutes ago, and the water was cold. The occupants’ body temperatures were dropping, threatening hypothermia.

In these conditions, Victor knew they wouldn’t last much longer. He motioned for his wife to move her arms and legs.

Amy shook her head no, too scared to let go.

They would surely die if they didn’t try moving. Victor urged his wife once more to do something to create warmth inside her body.

Still clinging onto the boat, Amy remained unmoving. She was too terrified even to kick her legs.

Victor feverishly kicked his legs, working the circulation.

Suddenly, a torturous scream escaped Amy when something brushed her legs, and it felt unnatural as if it was covered in coarse, prickly hair. Then she lost her grip from the boat.
Victor reached out with one hand, while the other held tightly onto the boat. Grabbing his wife, he knew she was also losing grip on reality. He tried to yell, but only a hoarse whisper escaped when he began rising from the water. Something beneath his feet pushed him upward. With bulging eyes, mouth agape, his mind tried to understand. Still holding tightly onto his wife, she began rising with him. Looking into his wife’s blank eyes, he knew whatever sanity she had left was fading fast.

Seconds ago, the couple had been clinging to the boat to stop from going under the water. Now they clung on for dear life to prevent themselves from rising. Their bodies were exposed to the waist. Gripping Amy firmly with one hand, Victor let go of his hold on the boat’s railing. He half leaped, half flung himself at the boat’s upturned hull. As he landed on top of the slippery surface, he lost his grip on Amy. Frantically, he reached for her and missed.

The water beneath Amy’s feet thrashed and swirled, exposing a mysterious beast. Victor didn’t know what it was, except that it was alive. A strong wind blew, and Victor began sliding from the boat. His upper body dangled over the side, and he stared into the water. Only inches away and looking directly at him was a pair of monstrous eyes, glowing blue. They were large and round. Just as Victor thought the eyes would break surface, they receded swiftly back into the deep.

Screaming, Amy reached for her husband as she plunged into the lake, into which the animal had disappeared.

Victor’s hand reached out, grabbing only air. He watched his wife as she sank beneath the water. Her panic was the last thing he witnessed before she fully submerged.

“No!” Victor screamed.

Lightning struck a nearby tree, and Victor heard it crash, but his eyes stayed focused on the lake. Then he noticed a large red area spreading throughout the water. Before he had time to react, the beast broke surface. It rose swiftly and fiercely from the water as it jumped into the air like a ten-foot bass, but whatever it was, it was nothing that innocent.
The large animal smacked the water upon reentry, and a two-foot high wave rushed towamerd the vessel. Victor managed a scream before being thrown into the cold water.

Buy Black Woods Revealed on Amazon and check out this interview I had the pleasure of doing with Laura last summer.

Laura, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your new book with my readers. It sounds like an amazing, thrilling read.


6 thoughts on “Is a Monster Lurking in the Black Woods?

  1. This sounds like a great book Laura! I’ll have to place it on my ‘to read’ list 🙂 Jason is wonderful isn’t he? He’s given me so much support, I can’t begin to thank him. All the best of luck to you Laura! Keep us posted!

  2. I loved Black Woods & this sequel is definitely on my tbr list – not only the beast but ‘the girls’ are also back – love those mushrooming ladies! In awe of Laura’s many talents:)

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