The Vision

In spite of being born legally blind, from childhood forward, Helen possesses strong insight and guidance. Even with her life’s baggage filled to the brim with problems, this character’s soul finds the inspiration to reach greater heights than anyone expected.  Meanwhile, she arises to any occasion by stooping to honor other beings especially her image of God. Her view of the world evolves as she explores her inspiration as well as her dreams and visions. Do those thoughts keep her sane, or is this lady lost in her own imagination?

While some people leave happiness whenever they go, this novel’s main female leaves happiness wherever she goes. That statement, as her sole accolade, says it all as you meet Helen during her wonder years! She might demand, “Wonder why all this bad stuff happened to me?” Then, this lady would surely wink, blink and nod with her characteristic whimsy.

By the way, going from legally blind to “gifted with vision” was a process. It’s not like the idealist in the movie industry or novelists’ assumptions depict. The individual doesn’t wake up from surgery with everything in your life on track for the “happily ever after” phase.  Plus, the two eyes that have been separate and unequal must learn to focus as one unit.  That takes years! Plus, Helen says her depth perception never quite got to 100 percent or healed; she bangs into many objects but has learned compensating skills.

This book is a fiction based on a true individual. Helen had landmark eye surgery in the early 1960s; the goal was to give both eyes sight. Meanwhile, in her story, the names have been changed to protect the autonomy of others as well as her innocence. An excerpt from The Vision follows; it covers the release from the hospital through a short period where bandages kept Helen’s world dark and lonely. In her words:

It could have been a rainy or sunny day. It might have been nighttime. I had to trust them when the nurses put me in a wheelchair the next day. They brought me to a waiting car.  It was my family’s vehicle. “We have to go get your sister and brother from the ballpark!” My mom immediately spoke, assuring me that I arrived to the right place. My siblings spent time with my cousins while I lived at the hospital.

It must have been high noon at this playing field because I sat in the empty car dropping buckets of sweat into the upholstery. The salty hotdogs and popcorn, of this recreational area, were no match to the smell of my perspiration! Calling out in desperation, “It’s getting hot in here!””
“Mom is on her way,” Dad scolded my outburst feeling the heat as well ramped up his reaction.

Soon, my ears heard giggling and the sound of dancing feet. As my cousins and siblings approached, my eyes couldn’t see them but my soul felt their presence. Each voice echoed distinctly, and each step pounded the pavement as uniquely theirs. My arms tried to reach out for hugs as the children backed away. Shock filled the air. The kids were fearful of my appearance. My sudden isolation distressed me. Tears burned my scar tissue as my spirit felt the loneliness of the hallways invade my spirit.

Weeks later, light shattered my lonely, dark world. It started as a glimmer at first, but both eyes could see from around the edges of the bandages. Lifting my head at an upward angle, my eyes could make out shadows of things such as my hand complete with five fingers. The figures weren’t as clear as the blur before surgery, but my mind knew the light wouldn’t blind me. At breakfast, my mouth bellowed an announcement, “I can see!”

The_Vision_Cover_for_ebooksAfter my family’s laughter subsided, I explained the shadowy figures and objects forming in my mind. A pat on my head assured me that my mom wasn’t amused or even curious with my pronouncement.  “You go to the doctor in a week. He’ll decide then if you can see!”

“But, I can! Not as good as before but…” My voice hesitated as my next thought flew from my lips, “Take these bandages off; I’ll prove it!”

“You leave them alone until your doctor’s appointment!” She scolded as if my hands could even reach my eyes with the splints over my elbows.  She definitely possessed a stronger personality than my nervous dad. 

Superficially defeated, I wandered around the house trying to decide what the light helped me see. “Couch! Chair! Broom!” I named the objects feeling akin to Adam.

“She can see,” my brother declared.

“No, she is touching the things. That is how she knows what they are!” my sister debated.

“I can see!” my voice loudly exclaimed being highly agitated by their disbelief.

“Sure! Sure!” my sister, Leslie, condescended.

“I can prove it!”

“How?” my brother, Bill, questioned.

“Let’s play hide and seek!” Instantaneously, my suggestion fell from my mind to my mouth.

“Fine, you’re it!” my siblings answered in unison immediately disappearing from view.

To be fair, my mouth counted aloud. Then, my mind analyzed potentially good hiding places indoors. I found my siblings so quickly that my sister ran to tell on me, “Mom!” she bellowed. Moving on her heels, we encountered our mother; Leslie continued her tirade, “Helen is cheating at the game!”

“What game?”

“We’re playing hide and seek. Helen must have kept her eyes open because she found us too quick!”

It was hard to see facial expressions through the bandage’s shadows but my mind knew stern when my ears heard it. “She couldn’t possibly see where you hid! She just guessed well!”

Leslie snorted my direction as indignantly as possible; she felt sure someone cheated her. Ever since my operation, my problems and health were the center of my family’s attention. In my parent’s view and my current state, their blind child could do no wrong.  Between my siblings and me, there was hostility in the air; it started that day at the ballpark. Their tempers were thicker than any humidity ever encountered in my short lifetime and hotter than any summer day I ever lived through.

 “Cheater! Cheater!” Leslie chanted as she swished past me. My mother ignored my sister’s reaction and ridicule, which added to our tension. After that, my sis found every chance to lead a rally against me.

“Yeah, cheater!” my brother followed with a poor choice in leaders.

Eventually, my day at the doctor’s office arrived.

The Vision can be found on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle as well as on Smashwords and its affiliates such as Barnes and Noble, Sony, KOBO, etc.

Cruise2012 001About Cindy Hanson

I work for GOD! Is she crazy or telling the truth? What I mean to say is that I write many nonfiction books that are really just scribing the history of His stories. My tales are Christian-based; at least one of those books points directly to heaven. Most of the time, I explain how bad situations and good ones have the potential to bring hope and love along with stronger faith.

My writing started after a major life change or trauma. In fact, my favorite question during book interviews is: How did you get started writing? The short answer is that in 1991 my mother died. Some people dream of being authors; my writing began as what could be described as a nightmare! However, as she died, mom experienced what would be called a Christian near death experience (NDE) or miracle. My nonfiction witness became Mom’s on the Roof, and I Can’t Get Her Down by Cynthia Meyers-Hanson.

Since then, I diversified into the other books and genres; I continue to toy with writing. I’ve co-authored or compiled several other divine tales. Meanwhile, I have ghostwritten many novels under the pen name Sydney S. Song. I use a pseudonym so that people know when my books are telling the truth and when I am fibbing (a bit). Recently, I’ve produced many picture books for children. I also compile collections and anthologies filled with true short stories from the Divine to mundane including humorous tales.

In real life, I’m a friendly Floridian, born and raised in Miami’s megalopolis. I currently live a bit further north with my husband. We are semi-retired. Our children are out of the house; some are married with their own children. We love outdoor activities such as boating and swimming at the pool, springs or beach.

My author site on Amazon includes my paperbacks and Kindles.

My other author site includes sections for my book genres as well as a blog and video section (the videos are mini movies as book trailers). This site also has my contact information.

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